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Re: Religion!

Postby isis » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:42 am

Please can someone explain how god is love and just and yet ruthlessly murders innocent babies and children in this story. It is now known that the ancient Egyptians were a great African civilisation. From their writings, it is clear that they were not as evil as depicted in the bible, yet this 'loving' god decides to commit the worst possible atrocity against them and people celebrate it like it was a good thing!
Can you imagine going about your normal daily life in ancient Egypt and then waking up one day to find thousands of innocent children dead. If god is omnipotent he did not need to do this. This is sick!

Then he commands his "chosen" people to commit racial genocide and slaughter, rape, and enslave their neighbours.

What happened to "thou shalt not kill"?

Sorry, but i think reading the bible again is turning me into an atheist. It is far too barbaric and unbelievable to be true. Either Yahweh was, and is an evil monster or It was all made up by barbaric ancient tribes with an axe to grind and a genocidal superiority complex.

And it gets worse?
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Re: Religion!

Postby finbar » Thu Mar 28, 2013 12:09 pm

And it gets worse?

Much worse, if you think the first part of the story is wild, wait until you get to the book of Revalations. However you get the feeling that the story isn't truly finished at the end, and that they left the door open for a sequel.
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Re: Religion!

Postby Ranking Glasses » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:04 pm

What about the half that has never been told, eh ?

By the way, why do Rastas hate the Pope so much ?:
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Re: Religion!

Postby isis » Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:10 pm

Religion is stupid
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Re: Religion!

Postby Peacemakeya » Mon Apr 29, 2013 5:19 pm

isis wrote

Please can someone explain how god is love and just and yet ruthlessly murders innocent babies and children

Is good to empathize with the innocent suffrahs and is good to shine light on injustice, but before we believe everything we think, is good to realize - we presently see only in small part up the foggy road.

And before we blame what we do not comprehend, how about for the sake of expanding vision, we relate the little we may partially comprehend, to the incomprehensible.

For example, gravity is a law & it serve a purpose … it keeps this world & life as we know it together. So, if someone jump off a high place & dash themselves against the rocks, would it be logical for that person to blame gravity? Course not! They the one who chose to violate the law of gravity.

And when they crash-land, if they strike & damage some innocent people, will it be logical for the damaged innocents to blame the law of gravity - or need they realize it was the jumper who violated that law and cause the damage?

Then hopefully one day the careless jumpers will start take responsibility for their own lives & learn to avoid perilous practices & the innocent suffrahs will one day be empowered to avoid perilous places.

And further, for the sake of expanding vision, how about the possibility there exists, for the greater good, a ‘law of free will’, with attendant benefits & risks? Or would some prefer we were a set of well-ordered mindless robots?

All religions, anti-religions & existential doctrines are a heap of B.S. (Belief Systems) – be they: ‘intelligent design’ – ‘stupit design’ – ‘no design’ – ‘benevolent design’ – ‘malevolent design’ – ‘unfathomable mysterious design’ & of course the all-to-frequent – ‘my B.S. is better than your B.S.’

Whatever your B.S. – try your best to live a positive life - be compassionate to yourself and to each other. Avoid intolerance – after all, look what a mess people make when they take their B.S. too seriously. Keep a good sense of humor & … Oh oh! - I’m realizing the lens is dusty on my own B.S. gauge. Nuff said - Better clean up my own ting

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