Jahkozza(croatia) - Dig Deeper! mix released October, 2009

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Jahkozza(croatia) - Dig Deeper! mix released October, 2009

Postby jahkozza » Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:03 pm

* Dig Deeper has a humble aim to be somewhat different from the mainstream reggae scene and to both show the diversity of Jahkozza's selection and diversity of sole reggae music and ease with which they mix together in one compact whole. So the goals were high, I hope I have managed to create something listenable & unique for every one of you out there...it's been really nice so far spending time with all of you around the balkans, so i hope this would bring us even more together...united we stand, divided we fall. one love.one aim.one destiny!
love and raspekt,

jahkozza selekta
Jahkozza - Dig Deeper mix

mixed, edited & effected by jahkozza, october 2009.


1. Intro

2. Fedayi Pacha - Pyramids(the sun), Hammerbass Records

3. 2 Bad Card - Noise Polluters, On-U Sound

4. Volfoniq feat. Pier - Tsunamix

5. Volfoniq feat. Tribuman - Panique sur le dancefloor

6. Hi-Fi Hustlers - Power Version
on official website

7. Haris Pilton - Vlak, dubplate

8. La Cherga - Fake No More, Asphalt-Tango Records, GEMA

9. W.G. remix Million Dan - Fremeny
http://dubplate www.myspace.com/harispilton

10. Haris Pilton rmx. Disrupt - Bumbar, vocals by BJ Nevenko(La Cherga), dubplate

11. 6blocc - Never Scared

12. Liquid Wicked - Ease Up, dubplate, edited by jahkozza

13. Tribuman & Jammin Orchestra - First Riddim

14. Sardinia Bass Legalise - Barricada feat. Dr. Boost

15. Solo Banton - Old Time Something, Reality Shock

16. Brother Culture - The Rider, Liquid Sound Design

17. Sub Sonar - Revolution, Liquid Sound Design

18. Stillness - up end koming album soon in stores, MenArt


160kbps download

320kbps download

http://rapidshare.com/files/295486156/J ... __160_.rar
160kbps download @ rapidshare

http://rapidshare.com/files/295511485/J ... __320_.rar
320kbps download @ rapidshare
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