Radiation Roots Repress Label info

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Re: Radiation Roots Repress Label info

Postby KING NEWBIE » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:41 pm

jah_vaults wrote:
yms wrote:Barry Brown Step it up Youthman sounds good BUT is taken from s noisy vinyl copy. Mastered nice and to my ears no shitty noise cleaning going on. It could have been better but I gues they were limited with what they could work with.

Delroy Wilson Worth Your Weight in Gold sounds great and I don't recall being overly peed off by the source they've used, mind ypu the 90s ( ? ) vinyl pressing I ised to own sounded great anyway.

Highly recommend that Delroy set. Killer.

What Is the sound quality on Barry Brown Radiation Roots Im still waiting LP & CD like?

me also would likes to know...
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