Closed my EB account after 20+ years

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Re: Closed my EB account after 20+ years

Postby jah_vaults » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:17 pm

rewfew wrote:Allow me to introduce myself and share the obvious and the hopeful. Since I see no indication his email has reached any posters here. I'd used this source to try to glean any insight into what was going on at EB's and concluded so much as all I've read that Ernie B's was soon not to be. I had sent a couple of emails to EB's expressing my regret with the obvious situation and gratitude for his service and presence over the years. A few days ago I received a form letter from Ernie stating that indeed EBrecords will be closing. In the post he also gave some insight of what had been going on for some time there, not the least of which, he was not even a part of the company and had not been so for some time. He and his brother had been in partnership since 2000. In 2015 he sold out his partnership to his brother which might account for the name change the company underwent. Apparently he went on to say a series of personal hardships including family illness, loosing his house and most of his assets befell him. He now is embarking on rising from the ashes with some financial help from friends and is calling his new enterprise Millions of Records.
It's not up yet but you can get on a mailing list of the stock he has by registering on the link. Well, that's the extent to what I know and hope all of you B.F. enthusiasts are as hopeful as I am that he can make this happen. He's an important asset to all of us that collect the Reggae we crave. And a gentleman too.

Just recieved this email also which states Special note: Please allow a few extra days for your order to ship because there is only one employee here. Ernie is no longer with the company; due to lack of funds Ernie and the rest of the employees were laid off over the course of the last year. For those of you who wish to get in touch with Ernie, he can be reached at his new company's email address [email protected]
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