Prince buster, Derrick morgan, Lee perry fued

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Prince buster, Derrick morgan, Lee perry fued

Postby Dub Specialist » Sat May 03, 2014 2:35 am

Thought this maybe be of interest , many will be aware of the fued history of morgan, buster and perry in the 1960s so it made me go on the hunt hills n valleys for all these 7s this was a long time now but manged to collect the 7s, so just thought id throw this up

i belive these are all the tunes invovled

1.Derrick Morgan & Patsy Todd - Housewives Choice aka “You Don’t know
which i believe started it all off as morgans went to the number one top hit for a long time, then prince responed
2.Prince Buster - Blackhead Chinaman
3.Derrick Morgan - Blazing Fire
4.Prince buster - Watch It Blackhead
5.Derrick Morgan - No Raise No Praise/still insist

but did people know that perry was involved with bustertoo ive got tunes

Lee Perry - Royalty (AKA Me Sir) (Rolando & Powie 7", 1963)
This tune refers to to Prince Buster as a "little boy" who comes to Coxsone to "change his bad ways". Later, Duke Reid finds the boy in the gutter, helps him out, but is rewarded with treachery from the boy. Scratch makes fun of Buster's title here: "I know that a prince must have royalty / But he have no loyalty, much less royalty..."

Lee perry - Don't Copy (Blank 7", 1963)
The B-side to "Prince In The Back" is yet another attack on Buster, admonishing him for being a copy cat. In the song, Scratch claims that Buster is "worse than the black head Chiney man", a reference to another feud that Prince Buster found himself entangled in at the time. Buster's friend Derrick Morgan apparently took some songs that he had co-written with Buster to rival producer Leslie Kong; Buster angrily commented on the incident with "Black Head Chiney Man", claiming that Derrick must be Chinese if he was in cahoots with Kong. Morgan responded with the stinging "Blazing Fire", including an introduction spoken in Chinese which translates as "shut up, you fool!" Buster replied with "No Raise No Praise", but eventually the two friends had to call off the feud when fans began to take it too seriously - after some fights in the dancehalls, Buster and Derrick made a public appearance to assure everyone it was all in fun. Scratch's lyrics are particularly nasty on this one: "Judas priest! Why are you so mean? / Why you want everything for yourself? / Don't you know you are wrong, Mr. Madman / I say poppy, rest in your nappy and don't you copy".

Lee perry - Prince In The Back (Blank 7", 1963)
"Come let's face the facts / The Prince is in the back / He is completely lost / Like a two pence in the grass..." Scratch shows Buster no mercy here, claiming that he can't hope to compete with Coxsone and Duke Reid; in truth, Buster was really giving them a run for their money.

Lee perry - Mad Head (Rolando & Powie 7" 1963)
Referring to Prince Buster's big hit "Madness", Scratch dismisses Buster as a kook in this tune: "It's sad to know that you are mad / You say that madness is gladness / Well, I call it sadness... Sing your song / 'Cause you are wrong... Watch out, mad head, before you lose your bread". question too do you think that the prince is in the back/dont copy (perry tune)1963 how much its worth, not that im selling but just curious, fc matrix so coxsone production..

2.its stamped with 'Count Claude Soundsystem' so does anyone got any info of sed sound? just curious...

hope yu enjoy the read bit looong mi know lol ...bless
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Re: Prince buster, Derrick morgan, Lee perry fued

Postby zonard » Sat May 03, 2014 1:54 pm

Proper digger business ! 8) Enjoyed the read, thanks Dub Specialist
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