Is "Arkology" necessarily an essential purchase?

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Re: Is "Arkology" necessarily an essential purchase?

Postby chuckasaurusrex » Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:45 pm

I couldn't let that lost post go by without another expression of thanks - nice one.
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Re: Is "Arkology" necessarily an essential purchase?

Postby aliled » Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:50 am

Thanks for the kind words. Just to have something like a definitive answer out there, here are the details for the second and third CDs in the set. Both have some differences that aren't huge - running lengths, for instance (I generally consider two versions "the same" if the time difference is under 10 seconds, but in most cases here, songs that may seem familiar from other releases are 30 seconds or more in difference) or mixes that were similar enough that I couldn't tell if they were different or not (I counted these as the same versions.) A couple of songs were so widely available that I didn't list where else you could find them. It won't be hard! I also noticed that on a few tracks that *are* available elsewhere, the mastering here was way, way better. Louder and clearer without loudness (per se) or digital distortion. I didn't note these, but it's one more reason to buy.

Basically, 29 of the 54 tracks on this set are exclusive to here - at least in these versions. (A lot more were when this was released, but some expanded reissues have culled the numbers a bit since then.) Of course, I may be missing something here or there . . . but given the excellent sound quality, running order and presentation, it's pretty obvious that this collection of Scratch tracks from the peak period of his artistry is really worth buying, which is the question of the original post.

CD 2:
Dreadlocks In Moonlight - Lee Perry - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Dread At The Mantrols - Mikey Dread - UNAVAILABLE ELSEHWERE
In These Times - Errol Walker - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
In These Times Dub - The Upsetters - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Norman (extended domino mix) - Max Romeo & the Upsetters - on War Ina Babylon (expanded edition)
Police And Thieves - Junior Murvin - on Police & Thieves (all editions)
Magic Touch - Glen DaCosta - on Police & Thieves (Deluxe Edition)
Soldier And Police War - Jah Lion - on Columbia Colly
Grumblin' Dub - The Upsetters - on Police & Thieves (Deluxe Edition)
Bad Weed (alternate mix) - Junior Murvin - on Police & Thieves (Deluxe Edition)
John Public - Errol Walker - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
John Public (version) - Errol Walker / Enos Barnes / The Upsetters - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Roots Train (extended mix) - Junior Murvin & Dillinger - on Police & Thieves (Deluxe Edition)
No Peace - The Meditations - on Sipple Out Deh
No Peace Dub - The Upsetters - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Rasta Train (alternate mix) - Raphael Green & Doctor Alimantado - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Party Time (Part 2) - The Upsetters - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE

CD 3:
Vibrate On (alternate cut) - Augustus Pablo Meets The Upsetter - various places
Vibrator (alternate cut) - The Upsetters - on Black Art Singles Selecter Two
Bird In Hand - The Upsetters - various places
Congoman (alternate vocal take) - The Congos - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Dyon Anasawa (alternate mix) - The Upsetters f/ Full Experience - on Ape-ology
Rastaman Shuffle (alternate mix) - The Upsetters & Dillinger - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Why Must I (version) (extended mix) - The Heptones & Lee Perry - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Make Up Your Mind - The Heptones - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Closer Together - The Upsetters Review f/ Junior Murvin - on Police & Thieves (Deluxe Edition)
Groovy Situation - Keith Rowe - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Groovy Dub - The Upsetters - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
To Be A Lover (Have Some Mercy) - George Faith - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Soul Fire - Lee Perry - on Ape-ology
Curly Locks - Lee Perry - on Ape-ology
Feast Of The Passover (alternate mix) - The Congos - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Roast Fish And Cornbread (extended mix) - Lee Perry - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
Corn Fish Dub (extended mix) - The Upsetters - UNAVAILABLE ELSEWHERE
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