Only one turntable - Sound Systems - why?

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Re: Only one turntable - Sound Systems - why?

Postby ScrollZ » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:03 pm

1 deck style + gaps between records also gives the crowd a chance to shout some appreciation back at the selector or to shout praises to Jah... rastafari..
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Re: Only one turntable - Sound Systems - why?

Postby algoriddim » Mon Nov 11, 2013 3:35 am

Rereading this thread. Reflecting on it, I think what you prefer has to do with the cultural DNA of the area you're coming from. I've seen UK sounds that do the warrior style, and it was interesting. It appealed to me more than modern sounds with their constant rewinds, barking and yelling, etc.

Thinking back for me, I think my "presentation style" was influenced by watching other music heads spinning hip hop and especially house (here in Chicago), where there's a long progression and build over the course of a session. In both cases, you never really let the beat stop, you have to mix. There's something about transitioning between tunes without taking the listener out of their trance.

Playing these old tunes too, I assume that many of the old school heads are familiar with many of the classics, so I prefer to play the brunt of a track and when the impact is waning, move on to something else to continue trying to keep the vibes as high as possible. I love to play riddim runs, but that really can't sustain a crowd's focus when you're doing it live (versus radio).

I think for an audience here in the states, that stop and go would really change the energy of the crowd.
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