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Postby DOOR PEEPER » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:32 pm

Don't forget the roots cut of Drifter By Dennis Walks, produced by Moodie, which came out on a UK Cactus seven in (I think) 1974. A real rocker of a tune.
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Postby Dadi Digi » Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:57 pm

Its that very track Door Peeper that has given this ridim its prolific status, imo that is.

I also recall (was it the "Jah Warrior" set?) with the wicked Michael Rose cut from a couple of years back.
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Postby Ringo » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:00 pm

Nah, the original cut (1969) is still the best, will never be bettered.
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Postby t-woc » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:25 pm

who's is the orginal dennis walks or cornel campbell??
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Postby vasceri » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:33 pm


Just got the "Rock and Come On Ya" on 12" a couple of weeks ago. I can't help but play this one regularly !!

Love the singing and punching Drifter riddim too !!

One love
be well
eric v
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Postby mike turner » Tue Apr 25, 2006 3:58 pm

Big Joe.......... Drifter's On The Ball....... Moodisc

Bongo Herman & Mudies All Stars.......... Carpound Drifter....... Moodisc

Campbell, Al......... Judgment Day......... Channel One

Eastwood, Clint...........Roots Rock Reggae........ Cord

Hylton, C..... Keep Trying......... Black Successors

Mudies All Stars........ Midnight Drifter..... Moodisc

Mudies All Stars....... Red Red Red Dub.......... Moodisc

Natural Vibes......... Reggae Singer......... Joe Gibbs

Osbourne, Johnny........ Rock & Come On......... Hit Bound

Ranking Devon..... Oily Back Drifter...... Reggae Connection

Ranking Joe....... Nine Month Belly........ Cord

Ranking Trevor...... Masculine Gender...... Cord pre

Rhythm Rulers....... Mudie's Mood....... Moodisc

Rhythm Rulers...... Mudie's Mood (With Strings)..... Moodisc

Taylor, Rod..... Mr. Music

Thompson, Linval........ Let's Get Together

Walks, Dennis....... Drifter, The....... Moodisc

Walks, Dennis....... Lover, The ..........Jah Guidance
mike turner
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Postby generalX » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:43 pm

t-woc wrote:who's is the orginal dennis walks or cornel campbell??

Dennis Walks is the original drifter!
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Postby Ringo » Tue Apr 25, 2006 4:48 pm

Mike, at some stage I'll go through this with RKR and complete/organise the details, then let you have a copy.

Drifter - Dennis Walks - (CRAB) (Run Girl Run/The Drifter G G Grossett/Dennis Walks ) UK Pressing, Mudies JA pressing, 1969

Drifter On The Ball - Big Joe (Mudie)
I Roy - Musical Drifter (Jah Life Time)
I Roy & Dennis Walks - Combination Drifter (Moodisc 12") 1977
I Roy & Dennis Walks - Combination Drifter (Moodisc 12") 1981
I Roy & Dennis Walks - The Drifter (Moodisc 12" / Afro) 1971
Car Pound Drifter - Bongo Herman & Rhythm Rulers - (Mudie)
M.B.V. & Rhythm Rulers - Midnight Drifter (Mudie/Jungle)
Mudies All Stars - Midnight Drifter (Moodisc) 1974
Drifter In 79 Style - Brigadier Jerry -
Drifter - Cornell Campbell - Now Team / Reg Lowe
Drifter - Dennis Brown - (Words of Wisdom LP) Laser
Drifter - Dennis Brown - (Live at Montreaux 1980 LP) Blue Moon
Drifter - Dennis Walks - Jazzbo 1989
Drifting In Fly Style - Dennis Walks - (Mudie)
Jonnie Big Mouth - Don Carlos -
Roots Style - Dub Specialist - Coxsone Dodd
Dub a natty dread - Dub Specialist - Coxsone Dodd
Come Down Jesus - Frankie Paul -
Traveller - Frankie Paul -
A Friend - Garnett Silk -
Jah Jah Is The Ruler - Garnett Silk -
Rocking The Drifter - Gladstone Anderson & Mudies All Stars - (Mudie)
Reggae Foundation - Harry Mudie, King Tubby & Rhythm Rulers - (Mudie)
Dub In Red - Harry Mudie & Mudies All Stars - (Mudie)
Mr. Talkative - Horace Andy - (Mudie)
Mr. Talkative Vs (Dub talk) Mudie's All Stars Harry Mudie
D.J. Drifter - I-Roy - (Mudie)
Drifter - Joseph Cotton -
Rock And Come In - Johnny Osbourne -
Rock And Come In - Papa Tollo
Everything She Want - Lone Ranger - Coxsone Dodd
Midnight Drifter - M.B.V. & Rhythm Rulers - (Mudie)
Mental Slavery - Mickey Dread -
Shaolin Plat - Nicodemus -
Traveller - Pinchers -
Nine Months Belly - Ranking Joe -
Masculine Gender - Ranking Travor - (Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One))
Drifter Bratah - Rhythm Rulers - (Mudie)
Sister Candy - Candy And Kelly - Bunny Lee
Rough Rankin' Tiger - Tiger -
Drifting With A Flute - Tommy McCook & Mudies All Stars - (Mudie)
Death trap - The Revolutionaries (Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)
Is love I a deal with I Roy (Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)
Rema Skank Revolutionaries, The Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)
Repatriation - Al Campbell - Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)
Three Wise Man - Kool Roots - Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)
Brothers And Sisters - Mighty Diamonds - Jo Jo Hookim (Channel One)
Drifting Dub - Mudie's All Stars with Dennis Walks Harry Mudie (Mudie)
Drifter Vs, The Rhythm Rulers, The Harry Mudie (Mudie)
Mudie's mood Rhythm Rulers, The Harry Mudie (Mudie)
Pablo's drifting Dub - Augustus Pablo - Bunny Lee
East West North and south - Don carlos - Bunny Lee
Rock On Come Ya - Johnny Osbournre - Bunny Lee
Drifter - Cornell Campbell - Bunny Lee
Bubble With Me - John Wayne - Bunny Lee
Version - Jackie Mittoo & the Aggrovators - Bunny Lee
It Was Good, It Was Bad - Sugar Minott (Rockers Plantation 12")
Drifter - Sugar Minott (Up Tempo 12") ( B side to Dennis Pinnock - Drifting Away - not on Drifter rhythm)
? - Papa Tullo (Jammys)
? - I Roy (Jah Life - digital cut)
More Vibes - Barry Brown w/Stamma Ranks
? - Rod Taylor - Lonely Girl LP
African Dream - Hugh Griffiths
Jah Bible - Hugh Griffiths (Ujama)
Bible Connection - Sister Chinna
Drifter In 79/Orthodox Style - Briggy - Freedom Street
Mental Slavery - Mikey Dread
Roots Rock Reggae - Clint Eastwood - Bellaphon/Cord
why worry - sluggy ranks & ras iwa
Old gun Town / ANDY LIVINGSTON (Fan Club)
I know you want To / JIMMY RILEY / Jammys
Murderer / ZAGGY ZARR / Roots Tradition
Jah Jah Live / JAH REUBEN / Roots Tradition
Step Aside / BERES HAMMOND / Mister Tipsy
Pass The Dubplate - Brian & Tony Gold - Jammys
Request - Jah Mason - Belleville Hill
Crab In A Barrel - Lutan Fyah - (Jah Warrior)
Drifter Inna Warrior Style - Ranking Joe - (Jah Warrior)
Righteous - Michael Rose (Jah Warrir)
Boom Work - Big Youth King Jammy on 12" Gregory Isaacs: My Heart Is Bleeding; Super Power, SPD 44
Come To Pass - Half Pint - on Half Pint Classics LP
Jah is my only - Luciano - Greensleeves sampler 21
Can't Take The Fuss - Michael Palmer
The Winner (aka Father & Son) - Zebra & Dennis Walks - Prince Jazzbo
Ranking Devon - Oily Back Drifter - Reggae Connection (Reggae Connection 1977 7 inch DSR8120A)
Reggae Singer - Natural Vibes (from their Life Hard A Yard LP)Also a Joe Gibbs 12"
Tony Rebel - Highly High - Pot Of Gold
Tony Rebel - What Is A Leader - Pot Of Gold
DYCR - Sucker - Pot Of Gold
Nitty Kutchie - Drifter - Pot Of Gold
Wayne Perilous - Perilous Time - Pot Of Gold
Richie Stevens - Don't Burn Your Bridges - Pot Of Gold
King Kouchy - Drifter - Pot Of Gold
Mama Carmen - Singing For The World - Pot Of Gold
Reggae George (Daley)- Drifter - Flames & also on Sky High 1978
Gladstone Anderson - Drifter (HAM) 1976
Gladstone Anderson - Rocking The Drifter (Moodisc) 1976
Jimmy Cliff - (on new LP, 2004)

LALP 32 Various Artists - Super Stars Hit Parade Vol. 6
Tracks: Boom Boom (Big Youth) / Set It (Chaka Demus) / You Have To Make It (Johnny P) / Dedicated To All Lovers (Toughest) / Perilous Time (Derrick Irie) // Still Drifting (Dennis Walks) / Give Love A Chance (Jimmy Riley) / I'm Holding On (Phillip Frazer) / My Love Is Not A Gamble (Thriller U) / Nah Let It Go (Bunny General)
Produced by King Jammy
All tracks on Drifter rhythm
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Postby capullo » Tue Apr 25, 2006 5:00 pm

thanks guys - and ringo wow, this is quite a list. i didn't know there were so many versions. apparantly over 100?! so it's a riddim like real rock or stalag - versioned to the max....
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Postby slengteng » Tue Apr 25, 2006 7:54 pm

I've got a Quench Aid song on this (great) riddim, entitled "Medley", but don't know much about it. Lyrics goes as "I wonder why the grass is green, why the wind is never seen..."

And the Johnny Osbourne's is GREAT GREAT !
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Postby Roman » Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:19 pm

Don't forget about this one:

Brian & Tony Gold "Pass Me A Dub Plate"
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Postby DG » Wed Apr 26, 2006 7:25 am

Hey Ringo (correct me if I'm wrong) but isn't Frankie Paul/Pinchers' Traveller a double entry or there is a Pincher's tune by the same name/riddim?
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Postby Ringo » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:27 am

Not sure Dejan, some of the tunes with few details are from songs I don't have but have been told about here or elsewhere. I need to go through my list with the ones I've bought since and RKR to sort them out. Eventually I'd like to get them in date order too and work out which studio/producer did each cut so that I can group them together.
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Postby peter » Thu Apr 27, 2006 3:48 pm

Not mentioned so far. Half Pint - 2000 years - New Sound 7". Nice bobby digital prod roots version from 1992. And THE cut imo, Troy - Love & Harmony on Love Linch 12". BADDD roots cut.

Ringo are you sure Beres Hammond Step Aside is on drifter? I have it on white label 12" with Dennis Brown - Should I (digi cut) on the other side on the same riddim. I thought the Mr Tipsy 7" was the same but repress? The original to this riddim surely is D Brown's original version from late 70s. What a tune thought! One of Beres Hammonds best for sure
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Postby Ringo » Thu Apr 27, 2006 4:46 pm

I don't have Step Aside, it was suggested to me as a Drifter cut. All corrections welcome.
I have that Troy tune, didn't realise I hadn't added it to the list, agreed, it's top quality.
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