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Picture of cover for Big Youth - Natty Universal Dread 1973 - 1979 (3-CD)

Big Youth
Natty Universal Dread 1973 - 1979 (3-CD)

Big Youth created a new role for the Jamaican sound system deejay during the 1970s; often overtly spiritual, but also more militant than the generation who followed the great U-Roy. At the time (1974-1976) Big Youth's popularity rivalled, even eclipsed, that of Bob Marley. This 51-track, 3-CD set collects the totally crucial music he made between 1973-1977. These tracks are drawn from the definitive and legendary self-produced sessions from the man who coined the phrase 'Natty Dread'. 3-CD set with fully illustrated 36 page booklet.

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 Miss Lou Ring A Ding Sample! 

1Chucky No Lucky
2Waterhouse Rock
3Hot Cross Bun
4River Jordan
5Children Children
6Mr Buddy
7Hot Stock
8Downtown Kingston Pollution
9Hell Is For Heroes
10African Daughter
11Things In The Light
12Sky Juice
13Not Long Ago
14Is Dread In A Babylon
15I Pray Thee Continually
16Streets In Africa
17Give Praises
18Mama Look
19Reggae Phenomenon
20Battle Of The Giants Part 1/featuring U-Roy
21Battle Of The Giants Part 2/featuring U-Roy
22Plead I Cause
23Hip Ki Do
24Riverton City
25Love and Happiness Leroy Smart, vocal
26Weeping In The Night
27Every Nigger Is A Star
28My Time
29Natty Universal Dread
30Jim Screechy
31Mosiah Garvey extended
32Wolf In Sheep Clothing Version 1
33Wolf In Sheep Clothing Version 2
34Keep Your Dread
35I Light and I Salvation
36Hit the Road Jack
37Keep On Trying Leroy Smart, vocal
38Jah Man Of Syreen
39Dread High Ranking
40Hotter Fire
41Miss Lou Ring A Ding
42Same Something
43Ten Against One
44River Boat
45Dread Is The Best
46Sugar Sugar featuring Junior Byles
47The Wise Sheep
48Jah Jah Love Them extended
49The Upful One
50Can't Take Wah Happen On A West
51Political Confusion

What the press say:

In a city that has produced more than its fair share of musical heroes, Manley Augustus Buchanan remains one of Kingston, Jamaicas greatest exports. Buchanan, aka Big Youth, was along with the earlier U-Roy one of the two great ambassadors of toasting, the Jamaican DJ talkover style that enlivened reggae in the early 1970s. Youth took the popular dancehall styles mix of US radio-derived jive talk, outrageous hiccups and yelps, and gratuitous boasting, and gave it substance in the shape of Rastafarian sloganeering and psalm-like pleas for peace and love. As Steve Barrows excellent sleevenotes to this three-disc box set point out, Youth coined and popularised the term natty dread while Bob Marley was still doing stuff about being a soul rebel. The mans revolutionary blend of rasta chant, black-power politics, nursery rhyme and spooked yelp is magical enough, but his self-produced backings of bass-heavy exuberance and brassy, stalking depth seal the deal. These 51 tracks contain no filler or flab, just a testament to one of the most innovative and complete artists of his time. Gary Mulholland The Guardian (UK) 26th January 2001

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