Llyod "Matador" Daley. Crisp sounding

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Llyod "Matador" Daley. Crisp sounding

Postby Dadi Digi » Wed Jan 05, 2005 1:33 pm

Was never familiar with any of these productions but I recently picked up a set called "The classics Vol 1". You may know it ?. Little Roys "Bongo Nyah" and Altons "Back to Africa" cuts are featured on there with some wicked versions too. What really impressed me was the clarity and the freshness of this overall production for it's age. I gather they are early productions, year anyone ?. Gotta say I am loving it start to finish. I assume from the Vol 1 indicator that there maybe a Vol 2 out there somewhere. Any infos on this label and output appreciated.

This may have been touched on the old board but it slipped me so apologies in advance if it has been talked to death already.
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Postby Arvid » Wed Jan 05, 2005 1:41 pm

"Bongo Nyah" is recorded 5/15/69 according to the liner notes of "Lloyd Daley's Matador Productions, 1968-1972" (Heartbeat). There's no date mentioned for "Back To Africa".

That compilation is great. You should also check out the Jamaican Gold releases of Matador tunes.

Don't know anything about your set (or a vol.2).
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Postby Dadi Digi » Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:00 pm

Tanx Arvid, I checked EB and found this CD which has a similar tracklist to the LP I have. Mind you there are more cuts on this Heartbeat CD than the LP I have which is on the Matador label (re-issue that is). I have put a * beside the tracks below which appear on the LP I have.

1. Little Roy - Bongo Nyah*
2. Lloyd Charmers - Zylon*
3. Lloyd Robinson - Death A Come
4. The Caribbeans - Let Me Walk By
5. U Roy - Sound Of The Wise*
6. Audley Rollins - Repatriation
7. Dennis Brown - Things In Life*
8. Ethiopians - Owe Me No Pay Me*
9. Alton Ellis - Back To Africa (*plus Version)
10. Abyssinians - Y Mas Gan*
11. Lloyd Daley - Y Mas Gan Version*
12. The Jesters - Cholera
13. Viceroys - Take You Hand
14. The Creators - Bad Name
15. The Scorchers - Uglyman*
16. Blake Boy - Deliver Us
"If you ride like lightning, you'll crash like thunder" (M.Buchanan)
Dadi Digi
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Postby Fre van der Mugge » Wed Jan 05, 2005 2:05 pm

On the 4 matador cd's on Jamaican Gold are no overlapping tracks with the Heartbeat CD. The 5 cd's cover the vast majority of matador's output. My personal favourite is the Heartbeat cd, maybe because the sound isn't so extremely clean compared with the JA gold ones. No complains about the content.
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Postby zonard » Wed Jan 05, 2005 6:26 pm

Arvid wrote:"Bongo Nyah" is recorded 5/15/69

Thanks for the info Arvid ! I just found a blank 7" of this tune but the stamp reference is not clear... It seem to be "1971"... maybe the release year...

"Sir Hall" is handwrited on the other face... maybe the title ? Or the name of a previous owner :roll:
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