What do you think of Beres Hammond's latest Album?

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Postby Liam » Sun Dec 26, 2004 6:49 pm

Like you I thought Music Is Life was great. I got this new one the other day but haven't played it yet. I may give it a blast later.
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Postby Anonymous » Sun Dec 26, 2004 8:13 pm

If you're looking for another Music Is Life, forget it. I think Beres' greatest work is behind him now to be honest(Come Down Father was three years ago now, Much Clearer a couple of years back).

However, as an easy listening pleasant reggae album it's still top drawer stuff. I think Beres has always had one foot in the "big peoples" market so a lot of his music isn't going to appeal to those looking for another "Putting Up Resistance".



Postby Liam » Mon Dec 27, 2004 12:32 pm

After giving it a listen I can find 2 or 3 good tunes on there, the rest are too sickly sweet even by Beres's normal standards. Anyway 19 tracks is way too long for an album. By the end of it - pure torture.
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Postby informer » Mon Dec 27, 2004 12:41 pm

the problem is that jamaican artists are putting out too many albums.
how shall this result in top quality over the years ?

prime examples gregory isaacs and the wannabee dennis brown clone frankie paul.
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Postby reggaepostman » Mon Dec 27, 2004 5:09 pm

Though I admit it's not as strong as "music is life"and that the last few songs should not be included I think it's still a strong album."no more" is one of the best songs that I've heard this year.
Yes I know it's sweet (too sweet for many ), but I think it has something a lot of other jamaican music hasn't : good arrangements and well thought production.You can tell it took a lot of time (and money) to make this album.And though he puts out a lot of 45's it was almost 4 years he released music is life.
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Postby Chocolate Soldier » Mon Dec 27, 2004 8:34 pm

He's got his own studio so he can cruise in there anytime of day and night he feels to work on stuff with no studio clock ticking
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Postby so nice » Mon Dec 27, 2004 9:55 pm

i like this new album but not as much as "music is life"

if i remember right that last tune on the LP is my favorite
so nice
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