tobago, grenada and trinidad travel tips

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tobago, grenada and trinidad travel tips

Postby crimson flames » Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:37 pm

I am off to the caribbean in a few weeks with my girlfriend.
we will be spending most of the time in Tobago. My friend (in england) is from tobago and she has an empty apartment in the capital Scarborough, where we will be staying free of charge. Her family live down the road so they will hopefully look after us.
We will also spend a week in Grenada where my friend from ireland is now living. I feel lucky to have contacts there as it means we will aviod the tourist traps and be in the heart of both places.
i was wondering if anybody on the forum had visited these places before and had any travel advice, recommendations or experiences (positive or negative) they might share.
also some advice on Trinidad would be great. because we will be in Tobago it seems to make sense that we should hop over to Trini, but after watching a documentary recently that made Trinidad out to be an extremely violent place (1 murder every 17 hours apparently) my girlfriend has been very turned off the idea of going there.
sorry this isnt music related
cheers :) :D
crimson flames
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Re: tobago, grenada and trinidad travel tips

Postby swaby » Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:23 pm

Been to all 3 but my experience of Trini was during carnival in the 80s. All places have good/bad areas but if you have sense Trini would be fine to visit. You can get the ferry from Tobago which is worth the trip in itself.

Love Tobago-Pigeon Point is worth visiting.

Grenada-great market on the weekend in town, Fish on a Friday at Grouvere ( not sure about the spelling) Also visit the nutmeg factories and also the rum distillery. we did a tour of the island in a cab, driver was tour guide as well-excellent.
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Re: tobago, grenada and trinidad travel tips

Postby pinup » Wed Oct 09, 2013 10:04 am

I would agree, definitely go and check out the nutmeg factory, it's such an important part of Grenada and it's lovely to see industry still being performed in a traditional manner. The same must be said for the rivers rum distillery, a wonderful old fashioned place which was still powered by the waterfall when I visited.

It's a good few years since I was there but Grenada is always somewhere I would be keen to visit again.
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Re: tobago, grenada and trinidad travel tips

Postby Turna » Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:05 am

a truly amazing part of the world. i went to tobabgo in 2005. some friends of mine built houses in tobago where you can stay and i totally recomend them. 10 mins from scarbourough, 10 mins from turtle beach check (tell them i sent you !). they can do tours as well to take you round the 'secret island' swimming in waterfalls and all that!

in tobago check out 'sunday school' in buccoo which is the weekly street party down by the beach - it starts off with steel pan band and sound system fires up later on.

well worth a drive up to the top of the island and stay a couple of nights at charlotteville. the best beach i ever saw in my life is there but was virtually deserted. you can stop in at each bay along the way as well

we did a day trip to trinidad on the ferry which is very easy if you fancy that.

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