Whatever happened to ”Old Fire Sticks"

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Whatever happened to ”Old Fire Sticks"

Postby AT2JA » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:13 pm

That Bunny Wailer bio that Roger Steffens was supposed to be writing? Did that ever come out?
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Re: Whatever happened to ”Old Fire Sticks"

Postby jb welda » Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:19 am

No and last I heard there was slim chance of it ever seeing the light but then I heard that perhaps bunny wailer released some of it via a cd of him or someone reading from it or something. anyone else remember that? but as of my last talk with roger, it wasn't gonna happen through him anyway.

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Re: Whatever happened to ”Old Fire Sticks"

Postby Mick Sleeper » Sat Aug 03, 2013 9:38 pm

Here's what Roger has to say about it:

Bunny Wailer has been in the news recently, criticizing Snoop Lion’s conversion to reggae and offering a lawsuit claim against Adidas for 100 million dollars. What are your thoughts of Bunny?

The biggest disappointment in my reggae history is Bunny Wailer’s degeneration. He hasn’t done anything of significance since Liberation in 1987. If he put one-tenth of the energy into making good music that he has put into trying to reach 13-year-old dancehall kids or suing this person or that person he’d be still revered as a major artist. They call him Funny Failure in Jamaica. That’s his name on the street. It’s heartbreaking because he was one of the greatest exemplars of true roots music ever. Blackheart Man is still in everybody’s Top Ten All-Time records in Jamaica. I don’t know what happened to Bunny. Something went very, very wrong. He has taken so much money in advances from gigs that he never, ever showed up for, and never paid the advances back, which hurts other major artists. Why should I send an advance to Toots Hibbert or Culture or Israel Vibration because ‘these’ guys don’t show up for the gigs. He’s hurt the music by his actions a great deal. For my own part I’m very upset because I spent ten years of my life for free working on his autobiography with him, with my partner Leroy Jodie Pierson. We have 1,800 pages of transcripts. That book will never see the light of day.

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Re: Whatever happened to ”Old Fire Sticks"

Postby jb welda » Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:16 pm

he appeared at sierra Nevada world music festival a few years ago, and put on a very good performance. I actually talked to him backstage for about five minutes and he was quite cordial and friendly. he even remembered me from about 20 years ago in Jamaica when he gave me the name "jah bill" and actually pointed at me as I walked by and got my attention to speak with him. I know he is on a lot of weird side ventures (as it were) but he was pretty down to earth and kool that evening, at least to me. and he lent his band to Bob Andy to back him when his other backing band wasn't suitable and they did a great job backing Bob Andy and Bunny Wailers later that evening. its funny how some can be kool with personal things but all weirded out with business matters. I don't know if anyone here has ever seen it but david katz interviewed bunny wailers and chris Blackwell (in the same room even) and it was a very interesting, revealing interview, on both sides. very recommended. last a good long time like maybe 2 hours as I recall. bunny wailers was browbeating Blackwell like you wouldn't believe and he was taking it pretty good naturedly all things considered. then at the end of the interview bunny interjected something about his daughter being recorded right now and that perhaps Mr Blackwell would be interested in hearing her and releasing her songs!

cant say he don't have cajones, that's for sure

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Re: Whatever happened to ”Old Fire Sticks"

Postby underated » Sun Aug 04, 2013 12:17 am

jb welda wrote: its funny how some can be kool with personal things but all weirded out with business matters.

That line says it all,
In defence of Wailer though, he stands against Exploitation Of Rastafari, not many entertainers do that, they tend to turn a blind eye.
The Wailer believes in conspiracy theories, many Rastaman do, so that's not unusual.

One poster wrote a very common theme with veterans,

They all think they are owed million's .
The sad thing about some artists out there is that jealousy & envy destroys many souls .

The reality is some entertainers loose their power & can no longer do the things they used to do, so they do something else.

I guess i'm probably writing generalizations,
I'm not involved in the industry & don't know any artists on a personal level, i do know how people think though. :)
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