Alesis Air FX Advice Please!!

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Alesis Air FX Advice Please!!

Postby bassmish » Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:54 pm


A while back I bought an air fx, but Im struggling to find it's place in the studio.

Part of the issue may be that I have it plugged directly into, and out of, my soundcard (as I use a digi mixer), which can sometimes cause unwanted metallicy feedback, although it works fine for my other external fx.

But aside from that, so far I havent found a favorite sound or application for it and Im not sure if I couldnt have more fun with something else.

The only fun I've really had with it is having it on number 13 which is a filter called 'bow wow'! and using it on some bingi drums. That worked pretty well, you can hear it at about 50 seconds in on this sample on my soundcloud:

I will of course keep experimenting with it, but just wondering if anyone can share specific Air FX knowledge which might help me make the most of the unit, as it's really fun to use as another hands on unit, but Im annoyed about how little fun Im having with it, and dont feel like im getting the most out of my purchase!!


P.S. would be cool if I could learn to do it with my feet so i could be mixing with 2 hands and a foot. might try it!
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