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Postby Reggaemusicstore » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:53 am

Greetings – many people who’ve been posting on this board for a long time will already know me and know all about Reggaemusicstore so this is intended as a little introduction for some of the newer board members.
I’ve been selling roots and dub online since 2000 when I started my first online store as part of the Jah Warrior website. I believe it was the first ever specialist roots and dub store on the net. Demand quickly outgrew the capacity of that site so in 2001 the store was upgraded under the new name of Reggaemusicstore. I’ve been selling online longer than Dub Vendor, Ernie B and pretty much all the other good people who’ve started selling this music online in recent years.
The intention behind Reggaemusicstore was always to sell only roots and dub, in all its forms – new, old, from Jamaica, the UK, Europe, America and wherever it’s made. The reggae biz has gone thru a lot of changes in recent years and sadly the decline of vinyl production in Jamaica has made it extremely difficult to continue importing tunes from Jamaica, which I used to do regularly, but the works carry on and reflect what’s happening nowadays.
Reggaemusicstore continues to stock a large selection of the same style of music it’s always dealt with. The focus is mostly on vinyl singles and you’ll find just about every new roots and dub vinyl release when they first appear. We also have a decent selection of downloads from various producers and labels including Disciples, Zion Train, Alpha & Omega, my own Jah Warrior catalogue, Vibronics, Dubcreator, Inspirational Sounds and plenty more. I also pioneered the introduction of Dubplate Downloads in 2006 and Reggaemusicstore became the first site to sell unreleased tunes on download from a range of producers.
Many people on this board have bought from me over the years and I like to think most people are happy with their purchases. Please check out what’s on offer at or contact me if you’d like to be added to our weekly mailing list for new titles.
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