question about WANTED (on makasound)

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question about WANTED (on makasound)

Postby jahboo » Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:16 pm

so did they just call all the musicians the wanted all stars because they don't know who everyone was ? it's clearly different sets of musicians throughout ...

thinking that's carly i hear on gathering israelites by delano & sheron tucker

also scored BDF meets Loud & Lone ... nice so far ... been wanting this one a while
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Postby mghifi » Wed Dec 08, 2004 8:37 pm

I would guess that you're right. They didn't know any other info on the recordings aside from the artists name and title. They didn't list the producers either. But how incredible is that Black Crucial track huh? My favorite on the disc.
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Postby jahboo » Thu Dec 09, 2004 1:34 am

yeah man wicked track ... it reminds me a lot of uhuru at certain points
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Postby wareika » Tue Dec 14, 2004 4:54 pm


There are plenty of discussions about this comp on the French reggae forums. Espacialy since the copyright problame surface.
To be honest I listen to it 2 weeks ago but didn't buy it then. The sound quality is not that good (I listened to it thru headphones) and the tune are good but not really top tunes (IMO). I wanted to wait until it surface on second hand shops. Well, due to the issue I bought it and made some search about this so called unknown artists.

After some search (about one hour) I identify some producers for sure and found some infos that may help to find the other prods... Well, it raise a question: do they really searched? I mean if they had search (simply RKR, Tapir & google for a start) it would have been impossible for them to say "this artists are obscure". I can add that after this research, I fully understand why they have to face legal problems. They rip off some well known prod / reggae business who are still in activity for most of them.

Here are info I found

Aston Gayle's tune appeared on the Jah Lion label (UK). No need to be a reggae expert to know that it is one of Winston Curtis' label. I can add that this label is still in activity cause Penny Reel said on the previous board that he met WE and Winston gave him the CD reissue of the "20 Pieces of Dub" set (or a title like that).

The Psalms' tune on Sonic Sound could be a Gaylad tune as they used this name during the 70's (as well as Rightous Foundation). Perhaps a J Ruby prod? Not sure tho'

Basil Thompson's on the Uhuru label could be identified easily for a French cause this label (with the very same design) reappeared 1 year ago thanx a crew based in Dijon (France). It is a Calvin Cameron prod (whoever is AC). There is a french adress on the label and a simple phone call would have give the Makasound crew some serious info.
Check this one: ... eName=WDVW

Cherry on the cake, the Upright Foundation's tune is credited on RKR with matrix. Prod is Clive Chin, and even if they don't have RKR a silple look at the Mat# would provide the info (mat# CChin 6321).

For the other artists they appeared on RKR so they are not that obscure, even if their name are not famous.

The point is I feel that all this "wanted" thing is a pure marketing stuff. At least it show a lacke of serious in their research IMO.

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Postby wareika » Tue Dec 14, 2004 5:02 pm

Oups, I forgot about these tune:

Bogart "Black Casablanca" on the Ultra Record label
Found on Tapir:
PFU 7001 Bogart - Black Casablanca // Brixton Rebels - Bust It Superstar
Produced by Angel Nyah
Angel Nyah is also credited as producer for a tune on "Reggae On Tempus vol 2." Certainly a Bovell related production. I'm quite sure that DB would give them some infos.

The tune on the Boss label (the John Brown one) appeared on the Atra 10 Tracks LP from 88. Full infos are listed: Recorded at Berry Street Studio and produced by K Gordon. K Gordon is certainly Keith Gordon better known as Fatman. Again, still in activity.

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Postby nick » Tue Dec 14, 2004 6:50 pm

wareika i agree with you on this. it is an ok/good set... i do think the tunes are pretty rare but this is an example of "rare doesn't always mean great."

also i agree on the sound criticism. it sounds like the records were recorded at my house onto CD-R.

in fact that's what this whole release reminds me of.. x-amount of CDs from going to a friend's house and getting some rare or even some decent one-aways recorded.
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Postby TruthsAndRights » Wed Dec 15, 2004 1:16 am

i too agree that the sound quality does not equal other releases on maka sound or even pressure sound or B&F re-issues. it seems like they rushed this compilation out and im not sure if they tried to restore the sound at all. IMO these tracks are heavy roots and definatley satisfied my taste but it reminded me too much of the kind of mixes i would make with my fellow record collectors.
either way its well worth having a copy of.
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Postby jahboo » Wed Dec 15, 2004 8:52 am

aside from the few sound quality problems ... i enjoy this cd throroughly ... thanks for the info wareika
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