Deluxe Edition vs. Definitive Remasters?

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Deluxe Edition vs. Definitive Remasters?

Postby yellowdog » Tue Dec 07, 2004 3:06 pm

Believe it or not, a Marley question...

The other night I played the Deluxe Edition Catch A Fire CD, and was reminded how much better the sound quality is as compared to the original CD releases. Got me to thinking I should perhaps upgrade all my old Marley CDs to the new Deluxe Editions. Noticed, though, that in EBs catalogue, there are "Deluxe Editions" and "Definitive Remasters" of the same sets, both on Island/Tuff Gong. The "Deluxe Editions" are a 2CD set with the second CD being alternate takes, remixes etc, and are listed at $22.99, while the "Definitive Remasters" are a single CD with what pretty much looks like the original track listing, maybe a bonus cut or two, for $13.99. Question: Is the sound quality the same between the two, with the extra price of the Deluxe Edition justified only by the inclusion of the second CD, or does the Deluxe Edition offer better quality all round?
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Postby Pluto » Tue Dec 07, 2004 3:31 pm

I can't be of much help regarding the sound quality of the two editions (Definitive vs. Deluxe), but I suppose it should be the same considering that some of the Deluxe editions ("Catch A Fire") were released before the Definitive series.

Do you live in the US? If you're in Europe, I think you could find all the "Definitive" re-releases at better prices than EB - at least here in Greece, I've seen them in record shops ranging between 7,90 - 11 EUR.

Also has them quite cheaper:
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Postby yellowdog » Tue Dec 07, 2004 4:31 pm

That's a good theory Pluto - seems to make sense given they're on the same label. I also noted that Ernie has designated the Definitive sets as "essential" - not the more expensive Deluxe sets. Makes me think the sound quality would be the same. As to prices...I live in Canada and EBs prices are pretty good now that the CDN$ has rebounded nicely against the US$.
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Postby Chocolate Soldier » Wed Dec 08, 2004 12:39 am

the new deluxes sound louder on the CD player but if you play 'em both at the <same> volume and compare does it really sound better?
You'll hear more dynamics in the old version..
The new ones are very 'pumped up' with tons of bass - it almost sounds like a new mix ! It does sound impressive tho' - I have the deluxe Exodus
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Postby yellowdog » Wed Dec 08, 2004 3:21 pm

The Deluxe Catch a Fire includes two CDs: the original Jamaican version of the album (apparently never before released) and a remastered version of the Island album. The Jamaican version is the one that really impresses, although I'm not sure whether it's the stripped down mix or the enhanced sound - probably a combination of the two.

I guess that's what I'm thinking the other Deluxe (or Definitive) sets might have to offer. Maybe that's unrealistic given that the other sets don't seem to offer a long lost "Jamaican" version - rather just "pumped up" sound levels. Might have to rethink my strategy here.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Postby bla blazo » Thu Dec 09, 2004 3:01 am

I'm a big fan of the deluxe editions - especially the Marley as they sometimes include live shows as the second disc.

The Harder They Come deluxe edition is fantastic as well.
bla blazo
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Postby a_wailers_lover » Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:53 pm

ye deluxe editions are usually better with the additions of lives tracks
unreleased tracks,linear notes more detailled and so on.

i have all of dem , call that an addiction if ya want.

what ya think about the burnin' deluxe ?

cd 2 leeds 1973 is excellent, i simply love it
because it more complete than the older one
and the sound quality is nice.

take care

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