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Postby Jackie Pablo » Mon Dec 06, 2004 11:04 am

I can confirm this PRE label is the same one that put out G Isaacs and Prince Far I etc.

From memory the LP was deleted shortly after release (just prior to the JA issue). It could well have been a very limited (test) pressing. Who knows?

The catalogue number (on the label) was PRELP 3

Matrix = PRE LP-3-A / LYN 8503-1SC / JONZ / MAX

Matrix = PRE LP-3-B / LYN 8504-1SC / SOUND CLINIC / MAX

I don't recall any tracks from "Social Living" coming on single with the exception of the brilliant 12" 1978 release of

Civilized Reggae (7.07) / Social Living (7.52) - Island

The sound quality of the PRE LP and the Island 12" is amazing and no way was copied from a JA release or any Burning Spear 7".

Also of interest - it was around this time that Island had signed a distribution deal with EMI.

Plenty of wheeling and dealing from all concerned by the looks of it!
Jackie Pablo
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Postby Werner » Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:25 pm

yes, the sound quality of the PRE LP is very good. But the point is: I distinctly hear, when I listen closely, a difference in the vinyl noise in between tracks and the vinyl noise at the very beginning and ending of each track, both in level (it's lower in between tracks) and "colour". The change is sudden and easy to hear, although you have to listen with headphones to notice it. This for me indicates that the tracks are mastered from vinyl. Or how would you explain it?
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Postby Jackie Pablo » Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:51 pm

I've never listened to this LP on headphones. Don't like using them!

Playing the LP now, and yes there is noise in between the tracks that I had not noticed before.

With a strict playlist of Jamaican music this 'noise' is not an issue for me. There are thousands of LP's pressed with this type of noise in between the tracks and they were from original stampers. Maybe Wivston Rodney supplied the (JA) stamper to the people at PRE prior to pressing it up in JA?

Maybe it was mastered from a one off test pressing on vinyl. (Just a guess!)

I suppose you would have to ask Winston Rodney himself for a full account about it all!
Jackie Pablo
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