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Reggaemusicstore Classics

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Just a very small selection of the the classic 7" for sale at Reggaemusicstore - roots from the 70's to early 2000's, mostly JA press and all at bargain prices. No need for discounts because these tunes are still for sale at the original prices before the big increase. 7" starting from 2.55 GBP, no 10 GBP nonsense here! Click the links on the pictures above to hear samples and buy or alternatively go direct to the links below. Support roots music and keep it alive! We have tons of vinyl for sale - take some time to check it out!

Abbasani - "Forward Jah Jah Children" – Roots Rock

I Roy - "War And Friction" – Striker Lee

Spliffy Dan - "Dread Locks Preaching Love" – Message

Josey Wales - "Slackness Done" – Music Works

Tinga Stewart & Ras Myrhdak - "Hail The King" – Mixing Finga

Barry Brown - "Girlfriend" – Midnight Rock

Dillinger - "Riding Down Memory Lane" - Observer

Barrington Levy - "I'm Not In Love" – Puff Records

Leroy Sibbles - "No Bad Feelings" – Penthouse

I Roy - "Silver Platter" – Mafia

Natty King - "Nah Chat To Dem" + Al Pancho - "Break Yu Bread And Share" – Lustre Kings

General TK - "How Them Fi Stop You" – Time 1

Puddy Roots + King Stitt - "Africa Trod + Jah Arise" – Uhuru

Jahpremacy feat. Dread Son - "Roots & Culture" – Uplift

Turbulence - "Burn Dem Everyday" - Undeniable

Michael Rose - "Bad Boys" – Taxi

Don Drummond - "Further East" – Coxsone

The Viceroys – "Lightning & Thunder" – Uplift

Luciano - "Nations Of War" – P2K
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