JDR005: Don Goliath "Jungle to the World, Vol. 3" OUT NOW!

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JDR005: Don Goliath "Jungle to the World, Vol. 3" OUT NOW!

Postby Sir Larsie I » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:01 am

JDR005: Don Goliath "Jungle to the World Vol. 3" is OUT NOW!

https://dongoliath.bandcamp.com/album/j ... orld-vol-3

Artist: Don Goliath
Title: Jungle to the World Vol. 3
Label: Jungle Division Recordings
Cat No: JDR005
Format: digital
Year: 2017
01-Don Goliath-My Guiding Star (ft Kingsley Wray)
02-Don Goliath-My Guiding Star Instrumental
03-Don Goliath-Fight Back (ft Edgar Rebel)
04-Don Goliath-Fight Back Instrumental
05-Don Goliath-Mash Down Babylon (ft Robbie Levi)
06-Don Goliath-Mash Down Babylon Instrumental
07-Don Goliath-Never Giving Up (ft Valentina B)
08-Don Goliath-Never Giving Up Instrumental
09-Don Goliath-Rise (ft Light Soljah)
10-Don Goliath-Rise Instrumental
11-Don Goliath-Signal (ft Ousmane)
12-Don Goliath-Signal Instrumental
13-Don Goliath-War Is Not Funny (ft Letoyo)
14-Don Goliath-War Is Not Funny Instrumental

You can download a mixtape of this album for free on www.dongoliath.com/mixtapes.php. Please remember to support us by buying the single tracks/the unmixed album from our digital retailers! Check www.dongoliath.com for all digital retailers of this album.
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