George Palmer meets Bass Culture Players “Dread Ina Babylon”

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George Palmer meets Bass Culture Players “Dread Ina Babylon”

Postby bassculture » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:25 pm

George Palmer meets Bass Culture Players “Dread Ina Babylon”

Link: ... na-babylon

Once I have reached a mature age enough to realize how the system in wich we live in works, I decided to adapt to it with my own norms and started to live consciousy within it. This is when I began to change the idea of escaping physically by thinking of a spiritual exile. For it is the spiritual and the mystical that is ignored and rejected in this system.

On my way, I am searching for pureness and positivity to fill the hearts and souls of each and everyone who surrounds me. Basing myself constantly on understanding and harmony between humans all arround the world. TO undertake this path, I have to be conscious and be aware of this pain, suffering, grief and misery are as natural a part of this world as life itself. The balance in Mother Nature teaches me at every step. I am discovering what is on each side, but above all i learn to stay with the virtues.

And soon on the way I relalized that everything I have done was for some reason; Love. The engine that moves the world. The pure energy that every being needs. The antidote for a sick soul. The light in the deepest darkness.

Bass Culture Players

Is a musical Project based in Madrid and mainly focused on Reggae experimentation. A creative laboratory that mixes local singers and musicians from spanish scene in search for a very personal formula.

The contemporary calling and the determined investment in the Do it Yourself praxis meet the deep devotion for 70s and 80s Roots Reggae, which inspires all productions from beginning to end.

Bass Culture Players is built up with the personality of the different artists that converge at Discoinferno, the recording and mixing studio that Puppa Shan orchestrates in northern Madrid.

Discoinferno is located at the watchtower where the vision of humble (or working class) neighbourhoods and green areas overlay the corrupted financial heart of Madrid. This cooperative working room is where musical militancy has been projecting for years a committed look rooted in European XXI century urban reality.

Digital Distribution: La Panchita Records 2017

Recorded at Discoinferno, Kinky Lab and Amalgamah studios.
Lyrics and vocal perform by Gorka Arnedo (George Palmer).
All music composed, arranged and recorded by Bass Culture Players
Produced and mixed by Puppa Shan @ Discoinferno Studio, Madrid.
Mastered by Xavier "Lek" Farré.
Artistic concept: George Palmer and Antton Ugarte
Illustration: Aaron D
Bass Culture Reggae Radio Show
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