HHDR003: Don Goliath - Reggae Hip Hop to the World Vol.1

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HHDR003: Don Goliath - Reggae Hip Hop to the World Vol.1

Postby Sir Larsie I » Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:52 am

Introducing Don Goliath's brand new Reggae Hip Hop style! HHDR003: Don Goliath "Reggae Hip Hop to the World Vol. 1" is OUT NOW!

https://dongoliath.bandcamp.com/album/r ... orld-vol-1

Review: German producer and singer supertalent, Don Goliath, is back with more of his acclaimed Hip Hop productions! In this first album of a new Reggae Hip Hop series he has solely sampled Reggae, in opposite to his previous Balkan and Classical samples based releases. As per usual besides producing these beats Don is also singing all choruses himself, featuring duets with some of the finest french MCs who are rapping the verses. Production quality is top notch so if you love old skool sounding Hip Hop and also got a thing for Reggae you definitly don't wanna miss this one of a kind album!

Artist: Don Goliath
Title: Reggae Hip Hop to the World Vol. 1
Label: Hip Hop Division Recordings
Genre: Reggae Hip Hop
Cat No: HHDR003
Format: digital
Year: 2016
01-Don Goliath-We Bring the Heat (ft Master Veiga)
02-Don Goliath-Hero for One Day (ft fossoyeur)
03-Don Goliath-Light the Chalice Up (ft Poupa Lost)
04-Don Goliath-Dust a Sound (ft Black Esquisse)
05-Don Goliath-No Soundman No Cry (ft Billite)
06-Don Goliath-Never Stop to Flow (ft Pablito)
07-Don Goliath-We Bring the Heat Instrumental
08-Don Goliath-Hero for One Day Instrumental
09-Don Goliath-Light the Chalice Up Instrumental
10-Don Goliath-Dust a Sound Instrumental
11-Don Goliath-No Soundman No Cry Instrumental
12-Don Goliath-Never Stop to Flow Instrumental

You can download a mixtape of this album for free on www.dongoliath.com/mixtapes.php. Please remember to support us by buying the single tracks/the unmixed album from our digital retailers! Check www.dongoliath.com for all digital retailers of this album.
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