MDR003: Don Goliath "Minimal to the World Vol. 1 - The Regga

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MDR003: Don Goliath "Minimal to the World Vol. 1 - The Regga

Postby Sir Larsie I » Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:02 am

MDR003: Don Goliath "Minimal to the World Vol. 1 - The Reggae Mixes" is OUT NOW! ... ggae-mixes

Review: This release has Germany's Reggaezilla, Don Goliath, remixing his acclaimed Dub Techno albums. Same as their original mixes these remixes are ultrasubsonic, truly meditative and as deep as the Mariana Trench. Don Goliath's remix approach includes vocal performance by the 9 (nine!) years old Junior Love, giving these tunes a unique mystical vibe. So if you are into deeeeep Dub music just throw your chalice out the window and get into instant medi by listening to this one of a kind album!

Artist: Don Goliath
Title: Minimal to the world Vol. 1 - The Reggae Mixes
Label: Minimal Division Recordings
Genre: Dub Techno
Cat No: MDR003
Format: digital
Year: 2016
01-Don Goliath-Psalm 1 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
02-Don Goliath-Psalm 1 Dub (Reggae Mix)
03-Don Goliath-Psalm 24 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
04-Don Goliath-Psalm 24 Dub (Reggae Mix)
05-Don Goliath-Psalm 90 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
06-Don Goliath-Psalm 90 Dub (Reggae Mix)
07-Don Goliath-Psalm 104 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
08-Don Goliath-Psalm 104 Dub (Reggae Mix)
09-Don Goliath-Psalm 120 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
10-Don Goliath-Psalm 120 Dub (Reggae Mix)
11-Don Goliath-Psalm 137 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
12-Don Goliath-Psalm 137 Dub (Reggae Mix)
13-Don Goliath-Psalm 147 (ft Junior Love) (Reggae Mix)
14-Don Goliath-Psalm 147 Dub (Reggae Mix)

You can download a mixtape of this album for free on Please remember to support us by buying the single tracks/the unmixed album from our digital retailers! Check for all digital retailers of this album.
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