Upcoming GAUDI with Mykal Rose, Lee Perry, Dennis Bovell

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Upcoming GAUDI with Mykal Rose, Lee Perry, Dennis Bovell

Postby Twilight Circus » Fri Apr 12, 2013 12:51 pm


Gaudi has not been alone in the creation of In between times and has worked with a noteworthy collection of artists, many of them pioneers in their respective musical genres and all of them highly respected in their own right. From The opening track “Put your guns down” featuring vocals by Black Uhuru frontman Michael Rose, which was written in collaboration with highly respected dub producer Twilight Circus, to the powerful anthem “Life”, featuring rising reggae star Jahmai, which combines hard hitting vocals and deep electro bass contrasted with melancholic and hauntingly emotive piano riffs. The atmospheric and ethereal electro-dub adventures of “Tamino and the temple of dub”, featuring on flute one of the godfathers of psychedelic trance music Raja Ram (from electronic duo Shpongle), contrasts with the entirely more earthy and rootsy dub number “I start to pray”: a truly distinguished collaboration between legendary dub producer and vocalist Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and UK electronic pioneers The Orb with the inimitable Dennis ‘Dubmaster’ Bovell adding his characteristically uncompromising bass to the mix - it’s a high risk strategy to put so many virtuoso artists in one song but one that pays off handsomely in the realization of this deep, elegant and very dubby track!

It is not only a deft blending of diverse genres that is noteworthy in this album, but also the diversity of first-rate collaborators. Hedflux, one of the UK’s hottest breaks producers, together with dub maestro Twilight Circus make a formidable trio with Gaudi on the track “Crucial Data”; Moroccan artist Tahar from Momo Project collaborated on “Hurriya” (meaning ‘Freedom’ in Arabic) adding vocals and traditional Moroccan Mondol to this powerful and stirring track. Highly respected author, philosopher and agent for change Greg Sams contributed his words and his voice to the soothingly deep and thought provoking track “Spiritual Orphans”. Star of the UK reggae and hip-hop scenes Deadly Hunta brings his raw vocal energy, ragga-style, to the contrastingly niya binghi tones of “Babylon is fallin”; while Gaudi’s on-stage partner in rhyme, vocalist and prodigiously talented beatboxer, Danny Ladwa features on both “Why u wanna run” and “Unlimited possibilities”.
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