VIDEO: STEP OUTTA BABYLON - Reggaeville Premiere

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VIDEO: STEP OUTTA BABYLON - Reggaeville Premiere

Postby LW Sativa Dub » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:05 pm


Watch it:


Today, 15th of June 2016, 4Weed Records, an indipendent label of bass music based
in Italy, announces that 'Step Outta Babylon', the new MrDill Lion Warriah video is out now.
The song was published on April 27th on a 12" vinyl by 4Weed Records. The video was shot in
Turin (Italy), with the participation of Parkour Torino and it is a Live on Sofa production, in
collaboration with 4Weed Music. Furthermore, it was the most played song of the album 'Music
is in Mission', released in March 2015, which led MrDill Lion Warriah collecting many live show in
Italy and abroad, including the participation at UNOD Festival in Wales, the most important
global event for the Dub and Sound System Culture lovers. MrDill Lion Warriah received several
excellent reviews by influential websites like ReggaeVille, United Reggae, that
defined him "a conscious artist that stands in the center of the european reggae and dub
scene", through the words of Mr Bigga. "Step Outta Babylon" is an energetic song, related to the
modern dub stepper sounds. The heavy bassdrum and the deep bass frequencies predominate,
claiming the explosive blend of synth and percussion. The lyric is characterized by a tight, fast,
powerful and original, metric, a creative mix of dub and grime. MrDill Lion Warriah invites to
step out the 'babylon system', the modern society that is full of stress, vices and corruption.
This is represented in the video through the acrobatic jumps and urban routes of the guys who
practice the discipline of Parkour. Life in 'babylon' is a continuous personal challenge, a mental
and spiritual training, a battle against the debasement of all the values and respect for the
human rights.

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