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- Riddim Cast PodCast -

Postby soundpowah » Fri May 01, 2015 12:13 am

Hi family!

In this topic i will add the latest Riddim Cast New Sets

Sound Powah Sound located in Coslada, Madrid (Spain) we bring a new chapter every month.

We play Dread Music, Positive Music specially Roots and Rub A Dub. We promote Reggae Music!




Enjoy with this explosive mixtape 100% Rub a Dub & Roots 70/80's feat


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Re: - Riddim Cast PodCast -

Postby soundpowah » Sun May 31, 2015 9:51 am



Hi family, enjoy with this mixtape a tribute to Black Solidarity Label.

100% Rub a Dub & Roots 80's feat:

01.Black Solidarity - DSR-6041-B - Version
02.Black Solidarity - DSR-6040-A - Michael Palmer - String Up The Sound System
03.Robert French - Eradication
04.Black solidarity 45079-A Triston Palma - Bad Boys
05.Sammy Dread - Come Back Darling
06.Sammy Dread - This Morning
07.Sammy Dread - Truths And Rights
08.Andy Livingston - Trickle Down
09.Puddy Roots - Champion Bubbler
10.Triston Palma - Buy Out The Bar
11.Triston Palma Dancehall
12.Triston Palma - Dance Little Ghetto Girl
13Triston Palma - Rub-a-Dub Party
14.Sammy Dread - Row Mr. Fisher Man
15.Black Solidarity DSR 2862A - Phillip Frazer - The Siren
16.Triston Palma - Bring the Kutchie
17.Rod Taylor - The Lord Is My Light
18.Ashanti Waugh - Hey Jah
19.Black Solidarity DSR 3802-A Little John - Wahdoher
20.Triston Palma - I Am Ready
21.Triston Palma - Never Let Go
22.Lone Ranger - Trod Along
23.Papa San - Mi Nuh Know
24.Sammy Dread - Read Up Jah Bible
25.George Nooks - Crucial Corporal
26.Lady Ann - Take A Set
27.Triston Palmer - Fussing And Fighting
28.Black Solidarity DSR 2341-B Version
29.Ashanti Waugh - Police Police
30.Triston Palmer - Spliff Tales
31.Sammy Dread - Wat Wah
32.Ashanti Waugh - I Love Jah So
33.Ashanti Waugh - All Over
34.Ashanti Waugh - Gimme De Love
35.Ashanti Waugh - Fret & Worry

(Some Sammy Dread cuts belongs to differents labels)

In the beginning of the 80's reggae music became increasingly in tune with what was happening in Kingston's dancehalls....probably more so than at any time since the sound system operators had started to make their own shuffle and boogie in the late 50's..

The international audience and the critics were too busy looking for a new Bob Marley to appreciate what was happening downtown and failed to acknowledge that this was a return to the real,raw roots of the music...brash,confidient,young record producers who were totally in tune with the youth audience stepped forward and seized the moment...

Oswald'Ossie'Thomas began his apprenticeship in the music business at the age of fourteen and served his time as a record salesman for Bunny 'Striker 'Lee and Winston 'Niney the Observer' Holness before moving on to Miss Sonia Pottingers Tip Top Records...

'I ended up working in three record stores on Orange Street from 1976 to 1981...Yeah man,Me deh 'pon me bicycle till I buy my motorcycle..Them days records were coming out left right and centre..everyday'
Ossie Thomas...
It was during his time with Miss Pottinger that Ossie began to produce records for himself and in 1979 Ossie and Phillip Morgan began The Black Solidarity label based deep in the Kingston ghetto on Delamere Avenue.

And the man who had made his name in the business selling other people's records now became one of the most important and influential record producers of the era..

'Hear what happen now! We used to punch the juke box lunchtime..Me and me friends had a kinda thing like the juke box was our sound system and we'd use our lunch money to play the baddest tunes on the juke box.We were aided and abetted by a kinda dodgy little shop keeper cause we were kids and we were in the rum bar punching the juke box when we weren't supposed to be allowed!! So we were breaking all the rules...punching the juke box and taking turns to play the wickedest tunes in the juke box...' Ossie Thomas

Breaking rules from the outset Ossie Thomas had furthered his childhood fascination with music while still attending Oberlin High School and many more rules would be broken when together with Phillip Morgan he set up the Black Solidarity label in 1979 on Delamare Avenue deep in the heart of the Kingston ghetto...
'I used to tell people that dance hall was like styles and fashions,if you have a wicked style and you have the fashion you go make it in the dancehall..You understand....Ossie Thomas

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Re: - Riddim Cast PodCast -

Postby soundpowah » Thu Aug 13, 2015 6:37 pm



Have a nice time with this mixtape Never Give It Up#5 full of 70's Roots Rarities.
Feel the Positive vibes of jah jah music with this selection of Dreadlocks tunes and go back to the 70's!!

01.Augusto Pablo - Chain Gang Dub
02.The Marijuanas Tell us When
03.Brenton King - Jah Is A Black Man + Version
04.Derrick Morgan - Public Enemy
05.The Starlites - You're a Wanted Man
06.Bim Sherman - My Whole World
07.Jackie Brown - Fat Girl
08.The Survivors - Living Out The 70's
09.The Unforgetable - Rise Rasta
10.L. Lovindeer - Fire in a Babylon
11.Stallictite - Beware Of Yourself
12.Roy Shyrley - Hear My Please
13.Danny Ray - Fire Redder Than Red
14.Barrington Spencer - Yard a Roots
15.Scatty Bell - Black I Am
16.Black I Am Version
17.Cleopatra Williams - Whole Lot A Dread
18.Vinnie Taylor & Revealers - Mount Zion
19.Brent Dowe - De Pon De Wicked
20.Tito Simano - Rocking Time
21.Augusto Pablo - False Dread
22.OJ- Things Felt Right
23.Migthy Threes - Rasta Business
24.Gadfrey Lewis - Let the Message Play
25.Stanly Beckford - Boderation
26.Junior English - All the Night Saw Plans
27.Mighty Tops - Kiss The One I Love
28.Keith Poppin - Hop Scotch
29.Bill Gentles - Bachelor Boy
30.Lloyd Young - Call Your Mama
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Re: - Riddim Cast PodCast -

Postby soundpowah » Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:33 pm


https://soundcloud.com/soundpowah/never ... dim-cast48

https://www.mixcloud.com/soundandpowah/ ... im-cast48/

01.Dread Dub (It Dread Out Deh Version)
02.Joy White - Dread Out Deh
03.Joy White - Idlers On The Street
04.Joy White - Idlers On The Street Version
05.Lone Ranger - Fe mi woman a De Bes'
06.Lone Ranger - Tribal War
07.Lone Ranger - Judge Not
08.Lone Ranger - Solomon
09.Lone Ranger - Tribute to Marley version
10.Lone Ranger - Tribute to Marley
11.The Abyssinians - This Land Is For Everyone
12.Well Charged - Roof Top Dub
13.Carlton Livingston Play This song for Me
14.Ranking Joe - Tribal War
15.Horace_andy - Kiss Kiss
16.Lloyd Roinson - Cuss Cuss
17.Lone Ranger - Wicked a Go Run
18.Burro Banton - Tek A Set
19.U Brown Tu Sheng Peng
20.Niney All Stars - Zuki-Zaki
21.Barrington Levy - Skylarking
22.Horace Andy - Skylarking Dub
23.Barrington Levy - Poor Man Style
24. Barrington Levy - Praise His Name
25.Barrington Levy - Tomorrow Is Another Day
26.Lone ranger - Natty Dread a de Foreign
27.U Brown - Here we come Again
28.U Brown - Rocking Vibration
29.U Brown - Nuh Kill fi Dunza
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