Unity Sound / Jammys Dubplate Mixtape

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Unity Sound / Jammys Dubplate Mixtape

Postby kemist » Sun Nov 03, 2013 8:34 pm

https://soundcloud.com/realityshock/del ... ts-reality

Delta Force Sound meets Kris Kemist Reality Shock..

Part 1. Yugo Taguchi / Delta Force (Japan) - Unity Sound Official Mix

1. Kenny Knots - Introduction
2. Errol Bellot – Wise And Humble (Unreleased Tune)
3. Kenny Knots – Nuclear (Unreleased Tune)
4. Kenny Knots – Holding A Vibes (Unreleased Tune)
5. Jack Wilson & Demon Rocker – Chuck It (Original Mix)
6. Errol Bellot – life Goes On (Unreleased Tune)
7. Mikey Murka – Control The Dancehall (Original Mix)
8. Wayne Marshall – Gun Shot (Dub Plate)
9. Kenny Knots – Run Come Call Me
10. Kenny Knots – Watch How The People Dancing (Dub Plate)
11. Kenny Knots Jingle
12. Kenny Knots – Ring Up My Number
13. Peter Bouncer – Ready For The Dance Hall Tonight
14. Mikey Murka – Get Up And Go A Dance
15. Richie "Nicotine" Davis – Talk About We
16. Selah Collins – Pick A Sound (Dub Plate)
17. Wayne Marshall Jingle
18. Errol Bellot – Woman (Unreleased Tune)
19. Mikey Murka – We Try
20. Errol Bellot – What a Wonderful Feeling (Original Mix)
21. Selah Collins – Give Me Your Loving (Dub Plate)
22. Richie "Nicotine" Davis – England We Deh (Dub Plate)
23. Peter Bouncer – Give Me Sensi
24. Richie "Nicotine" Davis − Sensi Boom
25. ??? - Gun Respect Man (Unreleased Tune)
26. Kenny Knots - Delta Force Outro
Part 2. Kris Kemist / Reality Shock (UK) - Jammys Dubplate Selection

27. Jah Screechy - Roll Call (Dubplate)
28. Marga - Bumper To Bumper (Dubplate)
29. Jah Screechy & Spend Bond ft Errol Bellot - Midnight Hour (Dubplate)
30. Solo Banton - Kung Fu Master (Dubplate)
31. Jah Screechy - MC Magic (Dubplate)
32. Speng Bond - Pepper Dem (Dubplate)
33. Solo Banton - Get Up & Rock (Dubplate)
34. Mikey Murka - Ride Pon The Riddim (Dubplate)
35. Solo Banton - Bounce Back (Dubplate)
36. Faada Ras - The Exit (Dubplate)
37. Speng Bond & Mikey Murka - Cant Hold We Down (Dubplate)
38. Errol Bellot - Wonderful Feeling (Dubplate)
39. Solo Banton - Old Time Something (Dubplate)
40. Jah Screechy - Hop Scotch (Dubplate)
41. Dixie Peach - Slaughter (Dubplate)
42. Speng Bond - What A Liberty (Dubplate)
43. Speng Bond - White Horse (Dubplate)
44. Faada Ras - Lef Rasta Free (Dubplate)
45. Solo Banton - Music Inna Mi Heart (Dubplate)
46. Errol Bellot - Longtime Me A Sing (Dubplate)
47. Solo Banton - Inna The Place (Dubplate)
48. Marga - Who Come First (Dubplate)
49. Jah Screechy & Speng Bond - Whe Dem A Go Do (Dubplate)
50. Solo Banton - Chalice Haffi Blaze (Dubplate)
51. Solo Banton - Bun Babylon Coke (Dubplate)
52. Solo Banton - Aroma In The Air (Dubplate)
53. Faada Ras - Move The Shackles (Dubplate)
54. Errol Bellot - Roots Gone International (Dubplate)
55. Jah Screechy - Think Me Did Gone (Dubplate)
56. Marga - Oh Me Oh My (Dubplate)

Kris Kemist Biography:

Reality Shock Records founder & producer Kris Kemist has been involved in reggae music from an early age producing & managing several top UK reggae artists including most notoriously, Solo Banton. Kemist works relentlessly in the studio with a large team of artists recording for numerous labels & sounds across the globe. Over the years the studio has been blessed with the presence of such artists as Johnny Clarke, Errol Dunkley, Macka B, Earl Sixteen, Mikey General, Daddy Freddy, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie, Michael Prophet, Jah Screechy, Errol Bellot, Dixie Peach, Afrikan Simba, Al Campbell, Brother Culture, YT & many more. The label Reality Shock was established in 2003 has to date released 17 vinyl EPs & 6 CD albums. In recent years Kemist has also been on the road supporting various artists at shows & festivals across the UK & Europe including Dour Festival, Reggae Bus, One Love, Shambala, United Nation Of Dub, Ostrada Reggae Festival etc. Reality Shock is available for bookings alongside any combination of artists in the family...realityshock.com/

Bookings enquiries: info@realityshock.com
Yugo Taguchi Biography:

Yugo is a Dancehall Selector / MC and Singjay from Yokohama, Japan. He represents Delta Force sound out of Yokohama, also home to the world famous Mighty Crown and a massive Dancehall culture. Yugo has been playing with Delta Force around Yokohama since 2004. Yugo later moved to London & spent some years exploring the UK reggae scene & building solid connections in the industry whilst working at historical Reggae record shops like Supertone in Brixton. On his return to Japan, Yugo organised a Japan tour with Bush Chemists (Chazbo Chong & King General) & also with Kenny knots and Carl Meeks in 2012/13. Yugo also released a mix CD in Japan with Kris Kemist, having linked with Reality Shock family back in Reading UK. Yugo is currently expressing himself musically working on some digital dancehall influenced productions & is available for bookings as Delta Force Sound across Europe & worldwide.

Bookings enquiries: Deltaforcesound.ytc@gmail.com
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