Casio Love - CL-01 Mix

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Casio Love - CL-01 Mix

Postby generalX » Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:31 pm


'It's strange, how the dances are changing' - Barrington Levy sang, referring to the new vibe that would slowly but surely replace the analogue sound with its digital counterpart. During the early to mid 80's, the music climate in Jamaica was in a state of constant flux. Studios were being updated and new producers were able to enter the scene, made possible in large by the new, more compact, studio setups and the decreasing need to hire live musicians. It was an exciting time and a very productive one - music was being released at an ever increasing pace and the sound was charged with anticipation and potency.

The CL-01 mix is centered around this period in time, just before the full reign of the computer when the Channel One studio was still the epicentre of Jamaican dancehall. It collects some of our favourite tunes from a collection of thousands of records, built over the last decade.

We hope that you will enjoy this mix as much as we did putting it together.

Listen to and download the mix on Soundcloud:


01. Horace Martin - Me Rule
02. Frankie Jones - Do It Already
03. Michael Palmer - Saw You At The Dance
04. Frankie Jones - Dread Locks Control
05. Merva Grier - Feeling Like A Million
06. Pablo Nkomo - Du Misa Gunman
07. Winston Hussey - Short Cut
08. Don Carlos - Knock Knock
09. Michael Palmer - Show Me Your Company
10. Midnight Riders - Youthman Invasion
11. Boom Donovan Green - Student From The Ghetto
12. Edi Fitzroy - Working Class Woman
13. Hopeton Lindo - Wah Use Me
14. Corna Stone - In This Town
15. Prince Hammer - Export Ganga
16. Screwdriver - Mandella
17. Noel Ellis - Live In Love
18. Fire Fox - Hypocrite
19. Chris Wayne - Play Anancey
20. Chris Wayne - Give Me The Sensi
21. Sugar Minott - Can't Touch The Style
22. Frankie Paul - Peel Off
23. Fire Fox - Mr Promoter
24. Little Howie - What A Calamity
25. Oneil Dyer - A Dat She Want
26. King Kong - Rave With Me
27. Frankie Paul - Don't Pressure Me
28. Pinchers - Grammy
29. Thriller U - Give Me Collaterals
30. Desmond Scarlett - Love A Nuh Something Fe Ramp With
31. King Kong - Bow To Jahovah
32. Sugar Minott - Far Away
Download our new 90's roots mix - Shark Attack Vol. 2 - here:
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Re: Casio Love - CL-01 Mix

Postby generalX » Sat Sep 14, 2013 3:22 pm

Newsflash: Brand new Professor Grizzly dubplate on a Casio Love relick of the 'Fight the Professor' riddim now up on Soundcloud:
Download our new 90's roots mix - Shark Attack Vol. 2 - here:
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