Introducing Samādhi

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Introducing Samādhi

Postby samādhi » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:56 pm

Hello all of you,

my name is phil. I'm in love with dubmusic since 10 years or even more. I startet producing my own music sometime. The results are influenced by UK steppas and the melodica.

You can listen to my tunes here:

I'm happy about critical feedback. All I want is to learn things.

Besides creating dub music I study media arts (with focus on digital sound design), work at a hostel at the reception and I'm a carpenter.

I'd love to learn to know people who could show me how to build speakers. I have a little bit experience with acoustic treatment. So ask me if you need help with your homestudio.

I can also help you with Max/Msp and PureData.

Ah, and my tomcat is named King Tubby.

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