A serious Rub and Dub selection from Garabedian Sounds

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A serious Rub and Dub selection from Garabedian Sounds

Postby judgeshabba » Sat Sep 15, 2012 8:15 am


Almost 2hrs of Rub A Dub & Roots, enjoy!

jah thomas - she nuh ready
john wayne - boogie down
trinity & little culture - boom it up now
peter metro & **** rankin - rock so good
sergent pepper - rub & dub ina imitation way
jah thomas - mister walker
don carlos - hog & goat
leroy brown - help us oh jah
tony tuff - render your heart
early b - if you coward you fi leave out
josey wales - pon street again
heptones - old time gang leader
the viceroys - heart made of stone
prince mohammed - stop mock jah
madoo - hands in the air
u-brown - blow brother joe
lone ranger - african land
wayne jarrett & silver fox - greedy girl
stallion - stallion
jamaiel shabaka - armaggedon
roy cousin & the royals - if you want good
peter king - trodding
sweet barry - man culture
lacksley castell - doctor love
frankie jones - bad boy
triston palma - greatest lover
junior reid - respect due
frankie jones - run come
toyan - come fe mash it
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