-- We're Back with some Jammys for the weekend --

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-- We're Back with some Jammys for the weekend --

Postby Jayman65 » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:51 pm

Greetings one and all......... Sorry for not posting anything or being around for the last couple of months. I have had to deal with personal stuff that has completely turned my life upside down! I say deal with it but to be honest I have not dealt with and indeed am still not dealing with it very well at all.... I am trying to force myself to carry on and am hoping that if I can start getting back into the music and WCTD that it may help take my mind off other things... I will try to get back to posting new tapes on a regular basis soon but for now will be as and when I'm afraid....

I would like to thank Andrew for being a good friend and for understanding my need to have a break from it...........

Anyway, here are some fine Jammys sessions for the weekend, been a long time my friends, hope you enjoy them!!

King Jammy’s Super Power @ Pineapple Club, Ocho Rios, St Ann, June 1985

Featuring: Tonto Irie, Don Angelo, Pad Anthony, Dread Bob, Junior Demus, John Wayne, Pompido,

Dirty Harry, Nicodemus, Chakademus, Juice Man

Selector – Tupps

Mixer – Papa Chris


King Jammy’s Super Power @ U.W.I Students Union, 8 Cedar Valley Road, Standpipe, Kingston 6, 8th June 1985

Featuring: Tonto Irie, Chakademus, Danny Dread, Tiger, Pompido, John Wayne, Zuzu, Cracky, Half Pint

Selector – Tupps


King Jammy’s Super Power @ Lyssons, St Thomas, July 1985

Featuring: Chakademus, John Wayne, Tulloch T, Scaramouche, Don Angelo, Papa Chris, Nitty Gritty, Mikey Culture

Selector – Tupps

Mixer – Papa Chris


King Jammy’s Super Power @ Caenwood Community Centre, Hope Bay, Portland, 6th August 1985

Featuring: Don Angelo, Pompido, Admiral Bailey, Papa Chris, Jackie Knockshot

Selectors – Bobby Digital & Tupps

Mixer – Papa Chris

You can get them all here: http://www.whocorkthedance.com/kingjammys.html

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Re: -- We're Back with some Jammys for the weekend --

Postby uplifting » Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:14 am

Thanks for all the work Jayman !!
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