Ital Lion Podcast..Featuring Backyard Movements

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Ital Lion Podcast..Featuring Backyard Movements

Postby Ital Lion » Thu Feb 16, 2012 4:51 am


This week featuring some massive promotional tracks from the Backyard Movements Label, A Jah - Horace Martin & King of Kings from Ras McBean to be released soon on 10" Vinyl, tunes never fail from Russ Discpiles Rhythm Section. Zion Gate outta France with a fresh reggae anthem Inner City Blues on a 12". Straight from Sweden featuring King Generals- Some Man Deh on the Meditative 12" will test some sound system speakers for sure mixed by Dougie Concious. Jah Free is back on the scene with Sister Simiah and Dan I with a 12" track Rasta Chanta and the ever growing record label from Brighton Rootsgarden comes with yet another mystical deep roots dub with Nick Manesseh and Praise titled Matter of Struggle.Roaring Echo and Sister I Line come with a dubwise track on the Nyah Skank label 7" and finally Russ Disciples comes with a killa piece from Kenny Knots - Ceasefire soon to come on the Backyard Movements label.

A Jah - Horace Martin - Backyard Movements Promo
King of Kings - Ras McBean - Backyard Movements Promo
Rasta Chanta - Sis Simiah, Dan I & Jah Free - 12" Jah Power Assisted
Inner City Blues - Christine Miller - 12" Zion Gate
Some Man Deh - King General - 12" Meditative Sounds
Pslams 8 - Roaring Echo & Sister I Line - 7" Nyah Skank
Matter of Struggle - Manesseh meets Praise - 7" Roots Garden
Ceasfire - Kenny Knots - Backyard Movements Promo

Coming soon, Ital Lion meets the The Profound Fairshare Unity Sound System featuring Selekta Sparky Dread

Any producers and artists get in touch for any promotional works......

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Re: Ital Lion Podcast..Featuring Backyard Movements

Postby Ital Lion » Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:07 pm


Here is the link for this weeks show, featuring some ruff new productions. Reality Shock come with a brand new LP Errol Bellot entitled Know Jah, Russ Disciple continues with some serious roots production featuring Lutan Fyah. Once again had to play the Meditative sounds 12" with Kenny Knots heavyweight business. Saloman Heritage label outta france bust a killa 12" featuring Murray Man and Prince Jamo. Abassi All stars release a Showcase LP featuring in this weeks show Omar Perry and Limt alongside Fitta Warri. Jah Free on the scene once again with Sister Simiah and Dan-I, Rastafari Vibes. And finaly Reality Shock come again with a new 12" EP UK Riots, legendary artists Aqua Livi feat Valarous and Sweetie Irie on vocals check out it.

Sing Along - Erroll Bellot - KnowJ Jah LP - Reality Shock
No Stress - Lutan Fyah - 10" Backyard Movements promo
Bun the War - Kenny Knots - 12" Meditative Sounds
King of Ethiopia - Murray Man - 12" Saloman Heritage
One Blood - Prince Jamo - 12" Saloman Heritage
Daily Bread - Omar Perry - Abassi All Stars - Showcase Vol 2
Rise Above Them - Limit Feat Fitta Warri -Abassi All Stars Showcase Vol 2
Rastafari Vibes - Sister Simiah, Dan I & Jah Free - 12" Jah Power Assisted
Riots in the Street - Aqua Livi & Valarous - 12"
Reality Shock UK Riots - Sweetie Irie - 12" Reality Shock

Look out for some exclusive shows in London Ital Lion, The Profound Fairshare Unity Sound System & Selekta Sparky Dread

Producers any promo stuff get in touch.......



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Re: Ital Lion Podcast..Featuring Backyard Movements

Postby Ital Lion » Mon Apr 02, 2012 5:45 am


This week playing a revival special, with some classic dubs from Augustus Pablo, Selassie I Dub & Park Lane special start of the show then moving into a massive Roots track from Junior Delgado Blackman Heart, classic rockers. Delroy Williams collaboration with Pablo stop the fighting digi style with Augustus Pablo from the 80's on the Mango label. Some killa productions from Lee Perry with an absolute killa No Peace, the Meditations taken of the Arkology LP also from the same album Devon Irons unforgetable Vampire. Then we role into Yabby U's classic & deep dubwise Death Trap on the Vivian Jackson 7". To many classics this week, Leroy Smarts, Zion killa version of Dennis Browns Here I come from 1978. Back to 1986 with a heavy tune featuring Echo Minot on vocals One Man Alone 12" piece. Greensleeves will always get a play on a revival show and this time its Johnny Osbourne and Papa Tullo with Back off, roots radics in full force mixed by Scientist @ King Tubbys. Come in Junior Hibbert with a vintage 7" on the Ethnic label, Really for a Reason and finishing of the show with one of my favourite signers of all time Junior Delgado, Run Run.

Selassie I Dub - Augustus Pablo - Rockers Meets King Tubby Inna Firehouse
Park Lane Special - Augustus Pablo - Original Rockers LP
Blackman Heart - Junior Delgado - Incredible Music LP
Stop the Fighting - Delroy Williams - 12" Mango
No Peace - The Meditations - Arkology LP
Vampire - Devon Irons - Arkology LP
Death Trap - Yabby U - 7" Vivian Jackson
Zion - Leroy Smart - 7" Andinet
One Man Alone - Echo Minot - 12" Twin Explosion
Back Off - Johnny Osbourne & Papa Tullo - 12" Greensleeves
Really for a Reason - Junior Hibberts 7" Ethnic
Run Run - Junior Delgado & the Revolutionaries - 7" Original

Don't forget all roads lead to Ginglik - 1 Shepherds Bush Green London W12 - April 19th - 7pm

Roots N Culture - Part 1

Ital Lion Meets Julian Fairshare of the Profound Fairshare Unity Sound System
see attached flyer courtesy OYO Design

There will be no updated shows for a few week, make sure you check out the previous shows I have left up........

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