Mainly Because of the Leaf Roots/Dub Mix

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Mainly Because of the Leaf Roots/Dub Mix

Postby jordandance » Mon Aug 16, 2010 8:44 pm

prophecy - keatus I (King Culture 7")
Gone Down The Drain - Al Campbell (Soferno 12")
Deeds - Linton and Brentford Disco Set (Money Disc 7")
? - Half Moon/Ossie Creay Dubplate 10"
Safari in Dub - Sylvan Morris (JAywax LP)
Creation - Joe Higgs (HAlf Moon 7")
Capture LAnd - Stranger Cole (Tamu 7")
Youths of Today Version - Hungry Town All Stars (Hungry Town 7")
New Cross Fire - Sir Collins (Sir Collins Downbeat LP)
Fire - Big Dread (Collins Beat LP)
Drive Them Away - MAx Romeo (Romax 12")
Black HArmony - Jah Carlos (Rawse 7")
I Am A Freeman - Freddie McKAy (Monica's 7")
Freedom - Willie Williams (Faithful 12")
Travelling - Johnnie OSbourne and Wayne McGhie (Youth 12")
Pious Skanking - The Roots (Roots 7")
Devil in the City - Calmon Scott (Rawse 7")
Give a Helping VErsion - Observers (CDN blank label 7")

Might be off on a couple details as this was off the top of my head (Away from my records)

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