Slowing It Down - 2009 slow and sweet roots style mix (JA)

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Slowing It Down - 2009 slow and sweet roots style mix (JA)

Postby BMC » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:57 pm

Been a slow start for BMC's Reggae Mixes in 2010, but it's all about priorities and had more important things to do the last couple of months. 2009 long gone, but still had some tunes to mix down BMC-style from last year before we head into 2010 productions. Last mix was UK / EU style and quite heavy, this one is JA style and quite soft and sweet. Called Slowing It Down because of that and has that slower summer vibe, nice and smooth. If you're looking for heavy roots, look further, if you're looking for nice easy going vibes, check this one. Lovely vibes here with amongst others three riddims from the No Doubt camp. Enjoy!

Tracks in order of appearance:

Slowing It Down

01) Stevie Face - Proverbs 6 (No Doubt - Sweet)
02) Etana - Happy Heart (No Doubt - Sweet)
03) Daville - Soldier Girl (No Doubt - Sweet)
04) Ginjah - Prayer (No Doubt - Sweet)
05) Beres Hammond - See You Again (No Doubt - Sweet)
06) Beres Hammond - See You Again [acoustic version] (No Doubt mp3-promo - Sweet)
07) Alaine - Love ..... Loud & Clear (Fresh Ear - Relationship)
08) I Wayne - What Will They Do (Fresh Ear - Relationship)
09) Gyptian - True Confession (Flava Squad - Addiction)
10) Konshens - What A Life (Flava Squad - Addiction)
11) Lutan Fyah - Products Of The Future (Flava Squad - Addiction)
12) Etana - Badmind (No Doubt - Rock Steady)
13) Fantan Mojah - Rising (No Doubt - Rock Steady)
14) I Wayne - One Hit Wonder (No Doubt - Rock Steady)
15) Cocoa Tea - Sweeter (No Doubt - Rock Steady)
16) Capleton - Save Dem (No Doubt - Rock Steady)
17) Lutan Fyah - Nah Mix (Acoustic Vibes - 3D)
18) Jah Mali - Who Goes There (Acoustic Vibes - 3D)
19) Anthony Cruz - Woman 24-7 (Shan Shan)
20) Alborosie feat the Tamlins - Inna The Garrison (No Doubt - Ghetto)
21) Petah Morgan feat Busy Signal - Unfair (No Doubt - Ghetto)
22) Konshens - Insanity (No Doubt - Ghetto)
23) Anthony B - Cold Blooded Murder (No Doubt - Ghetto)
24) Lutan Fyah - Gangsta Living (No Doubt - Ghetto)
25) Richie Spice - Who Dat (No Doubt - Ghetto)
26) Etana - Mocking Bird (No Doubt - Ghetto)
27) Tony Rebel - Bless Di I (Bright Star - Chaka Vibes)
28) Queen Ifrica - Stranger (Bright Star - Chaka Vibes)
29) Marvelous - Card Dem A Draw (Bright Star - Chaka Vibes)
30) Cersy Tea - Only Jah (Bright Star - Chaka Vibes)
31) Lutan Fyah - Dem A Fake (Armzhouse - Star 9)
32) Richie Spice - Jungle Out There (Armzhouse - Star 9)
33) Mavado - Jail House (Big Ship)
34) Konshens - Music (Tads)

Get it at:

Thanks for checking it out! Let me know when you've enjoyed the works.


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Postby juniorsound » Sat May 01, 2010 5:57 am

real mellow upfull vibes, perfect for driving around on sunny days, and yeah i stand corrected as i am sometimes one of those quick to dismiss new reggae from JA, this is a real eduction, love that initial medley, and as always your mixing is the roughest!!!!!!!! ya, and while my tastes run towards harder digi styles, this is certainly showing the range and diversity of reggae to me. thanks again!
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Postby BMC » Sun May 02, 2010 10:10 am

Thanks for a very nice reply there, juniorsound! Nice to read. Yeah, the range and diversity of reggae is how I see it too. Love the ruff digi roots, but I like these sweet mellow vibes too and enjoy showcasing all these styles in my mixes every once in a while. I don't really have a problem with people dismissing modern JA reggae, I can understand people looking for different things in reggae than this softer vibe. It all just depends on the way to do it and based on what arguments. Once too often I see people going crazy over it with having heard just two recent youtube's and then bigging up some occassional tune of which there are way more but they just don't know and get on about what they dislike. Focus on what you like (as little as it may be) is more my motto. JA could use some more heavy productions if you ask me too, definitely, but if it's not what they (the producers) are looking for, how can someone claim they don't know what it should sound like anymore as you often read. Perspective is often completely gone in this debate, which is why I rarely get into it anymore.
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Postby Reggaemani » Wed May 05, 2010 2:09 pm

Wicked mix as always. Many thanks.
Several nice riddims, especially Addiction and Ghetto.
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Postby BMC » Thu May 13, 2010 3:58 pm

Added a direct download link to the original post above after blogger wanted me to remove it from my site. Just so the few still interested people know. 8)
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