Contradiction in Sound

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Contradiction in Sound

Postby matty-j » Mon Apr 19, 2010 9:50 pm

All the following singles were released between 1976 and 1978 in the UK and illustrate to some extent the conflicting vibes to be found within the reggae scene at the time. From deep Jamaican roots and the often equally deep UK version to the sweet sound of Lovers Rock via the regular sounds of Jamaica's biggest hitmakers of the time, you never quite knew what was in store when attending a family function. Unlike todays revive dances, the genre wasn't quite so focused on a narrow range of styles unless you went to a 'rasta' dance.

All credits are as per the record labels although some are certainly wrong, and I haven't messed about with anything much - the peculiar mix of the Levi tune is as cut into the plastic. Apologies for the noise on the African Brothers but it has seen better days. All original 7-inch and nothing expensive ! ... 0_55-07_00

Cool Notes - Jah Lovely - Wonderful - Marvellous (Safari) Prod: Cool Notes
Dennis Curtis - Come With Me (K&B) Prod: D Curtis
Jah Whoosh - Jah-Jah Dey Dey (Cactus) Prod: R Edwards
Max Romeo - Mr Jones (Eve) Prod: B Riley
Ruddy Thomas - It Hurt My Heart (Love) Prod: W Feanny
Jackie Edwards - Tell Me Darling (Caribbean) Prod: E Lee
Errol Dunkley - Repatriation (Caribbean) Prod: Shelly
Caribbeans - Poverty (Lucky) Prod: G McLean
I Roy - Forward I Man Back A yard (Fay Music) Prod: W Edwards
Dennis Brown - Why Must I (Oval) Prod: W Holness
Ken Boothe - Love Come Tumbling Down (Pacific) Prod: B B Seaton
Gregory Isaacs - Lovelight (Morpheus) Prod: G Isaacs & C Brown
Amigo - Jah Jah A Go Bus Dem Shut (Organisation) Prod: D Harris
Cassandra - I'll Never Let You Go (Out Of My Life) (Lovers Rock) Prod: D Harris
Levi - Put It On The Line (Tempus) Prod: Angel Nyah
Eric Clarke - Julie (Lucky) Prod: Harris and Brown
Freddy McKay - Funny Girl (Eagle) Prod: Lloyd Campbell
Tidals - Want Gold Ring (Caribbean) Prod: R Prendergast
Easton Clark - Dig A Hole (Burning Sounds) Prod: A Ranglin
Twinkle Brothers - Jah Army (Carib Gems) Prod: N Grant
Lester Lewis - I man Free (Attack) Prod: H Johnson
African Brothers - Gimme Gimme African Love (Main Line) Prod: L Donaldson
Trinity - Shown Me Your Company (Dread Hot) Prod: C Reid
Junior Byles and Rupert Reid - Chant Down Babylon (Black Wax) Prod: Ja Man
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