Seagull Ska

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Seagull Ska

Postby Ringo » Tue Jan 04, 2005 3:27 pm

Too Many Crooks are teaming up with fellow Brighton & Hove Albion FC fan Attila The Stockbroker to make an assault on the UK New Year National Top Ten with a single to raise funds for the 'Keep the Albion Live & Kicking' fund. A new version of "Tom Hark" will be recorded as the A side, entitled "Tom Hark (we want falmer!)". A ska version of "Sussex by the Sea" is confirmed as the B side. The collective group will be known as Seagull Ska. The single will be released on January 3rd, through Skint Records, to give it the best chance of charting. The weeks after Christmas are traditionally the lowest sales weeks of the year. The single will be available at selected Sussex record stores, as well as online at HMV and Amazon. The song "Tom Hark" was made famous by Brighton band The Piranhas, reaching number 6 in the Charts in August 1980.

I've heard a few JA cuts of this, who did it originally?
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Postby Dadi Digi » Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:02 pm

Featuring the "Mighty Sparrow"

Huh ... :lol:
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Postby Ras Berry » Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:24 pm

Elias and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes?

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Postby Ringo » Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:41 pm

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Postby Anonymous » Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:43 pm

Believe you're right Ras - Elias and his Zig Zag Jive Flutes, South African pennywhistle turn if i remember - tho it may be a folk tune also.
May even have got in the uk charts at the time, which was quite a time ago - late 60s?

Postby dots69 » Tue Jan 04, 2005 4:48 pm

Atila the Stockbroker ? often wondered what happened him, always thought he seemed outta place on those awful Oi LPs from back in my baldhead days

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Postby Professor Mushtaq » Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:09 pm

Attila's still working, touring, writing and fighting the good fight. He's the poet in residence for the Seagulls and plays Dillinger's Mickey Mouse Crab Louse over the Tannoy sometimes. He's been out here stacks of time and stayed at my joint last time. I've got a copy of this in the post.
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Postby Ras Berry » Tue Jan 04, 2005 8:18 pm

Yes Rob - my extensive research on the subject (cough) reveals this:

"On the evening of Saturday 17th March 1958, the British independent television channel ATV, broadcast the first of a series of six new plays by Wolf Mankowitz, entitled The Killing Stones. The plays were set in South Africa, and to add local colour, the series used a tune by a group of African musicians by the name of Elias and the Zig Zag Jive Flutes, entitled Tom Hark. Unexpectedly, the record of this tune, (Columbia DB 4109 Tom Hark / Ry Ry), became a best seller, staying in the UK charts for 14 weeks, and reaching No.2. It was unexpected because this type of music was previously more or less unknown in the UK, although kwela or tin whistle jive was increasingly popular in South Africa at this time. Tom Hark stands, even now, as one of the very few records of authentic vernacular music to penetrate so high into the UK charts"

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Postby Ringo » Wed Jan 05, 2005 9:34 am

Didn't realise you were an honorary Seagull, Prof, nice one. Hopefully we'll trip up Spurs on Saturday while they're still fuming about being cheated out of their 3 points at Old Trafford.
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Postby Curly Locks » Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:44 pm

It should be remembered that Tom Hark is in fact not a Ska tune, though almost always mistaken for one. It is in fact a South African Quela tune.

Curly Locks

Postby Bilko » Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:47 pm

There is a Blue Beat version too. I think it's Georgie Fame playing on it.
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