Question about HTMl - help me ..!

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Question about HTMl - help me ..!

Postby Anonymous » Sat Jan 01, 2005 3:22 pm

I'm having the Devils own problem sorting out a problem with some design I'm doing.
I'm using CSS Div's for the first time, very easy to use, but I've got a repositioning problem that I can't suss out.

Basically everything is in tables and centred to the page, the div is placed over this and shifts position dependant upon the screen resolution you are in.
I want to keep everything justified on the centre so it looks nice in higher resolutions than 800 by 600. I've been designing in 1024by768, and when I change to 800by600 the div stays linked to the pixel location/value you give it, this means when you change screen rez it looks like it's shifted (actually everything else has).I can't find any script on the web or any advice.

Any ideas, forums you can recommend?



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