Prince Buster "On Tour"

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Prince Buster "On Tour"

Postby Dubac » Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:48 pm

Just spotted this LP in a store and bought it on the spot. I didn't have time to come home and consult opinions, especially as there was only one copy and the desk said they hadn't even realised they had it in stock.

Anyhow, the sound seems like authentic PB live, but what about the release itself? There's very little information on the label except the dodgy looking 'Made In The West Indies' claim.

I might as well stop there...I've just bought a bootleg, haven't I :oops:
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Postby jb welda » Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:53 pm

contact me at to ease your guilty feelings. i will relieve you of that miserable bootleg if you pay the postage. fair deal, i think, eternal salvation in exchange for a bit of postage.

one love
jah bill
jb welda
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Postby Dubac » Tue Dec 21, 2004 8:07 pm

Calm down Jah Bill. It may have been in a second-hand store, but the disc itself reeks of 2004 pressing. I'm sure it will be coming to a Car Boot Sale near you soon. :wink:

If it really is as yet unknown, here's what's on it (apart from some woman in the audience screaming over a couple of tracks):

Take It Easy
Oh Love
Seven Times To Rise
007 (Shanty Town)
Come To Jamaica

Cincinatti Kid
Move Over
Sound And Pressure
On The Beach
Al Capone

BTW, on the penultimate track, he ducks out and just sings "one more BEER" throughout, thus saving us from another interminable thread discussing what the aps/abse lyric is all about.

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Postby Crazy Baldhead » Wed Dec 22, 2004 9:13 pm

It is not a bootleg, nor is a live recording.
It has been released on several labels with different artwork, but I do beleive that the original issue was Blue Beat BBLP 808, 1968.

The same recordings without the overdubbed audience was released on the album Dance Cleopatra Dance in Holland 1972, but with slightly changed titles. Tracklisting:
Dance Cleopatra [not on On Tour]
Take It Easy
Oh Love
Times To Risc
Come To Jamaica
Cincinatti Kid
More Over
Sounds And Pressure
On The Beach
Al Capone
Waiting For My Rude Girl [not on On Tour]
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Postby Anonymous » Wed Dec 22, 2004 10:55 pm

I got Prince Buster with Skatalites live show from the 80s. But this one is most definetelly bootleg

Postby Ekki » Thu Dec 23, 2004 12:32 am

Those dildo bootleg collection is pretty suspicious, Zoks 8)
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Postby Ital Dokta » Thu Dec 23, 2004 1:28 am

Yep, strictly Serbian reggae mafia business :)
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