Need help w/ID for TWO 70s roots cuts

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Need help w/ID for TWO 70s roots cuts

Postby Dagga DJ » Tue Dec 21, 2004 6:44 pm

Greetings Massive,

I came across a couple of tunes on a cassette from years ago that didn't have a lot of information left on the cover so I was hoping some kind soul out there might know who the artists are! I've got lyrics for you.

1st says it's GLEN WASHINGTON but no song title. I consulted RKR and saw that they had "Black Man's Cry", "Suzie", "Tighten Up" and "The Voice Of The Father" along with "Rockers Nu Crackers" and I was thinking the title was "HOLD ON"?? In any case, here goes:

Hold on, hold on Life is so untrue
Everything I do & everything I say
Makes me feel so blue

King of Kings & Lord of Lords
Hear me when I pray
Make my nights much shorter &
My days a little bit longer

Love won't come my way &
Peoples got a lot to say
Everything I do is wrong
Why can't I do something right

Hold on, Hold on Hear me now today
We are in a desolation &
We can not live this way
Hold on, Hold on We are craving to be free
Take control of the nations &
Set the captives free

The 2nd cut says it is CARL DAWKINS with "Walk A Little Bit Prouder" on a BLANK label. It definitely sounds like the man's soulful talent and RKR lists it on the SOUNDS JAMAICA label produced by MAX ROMEO in '71. Would someone mind just confirming is they know for sure?? Besides, these lyrics are worth a look anyway!! Here 'tis:

We should all walk a little bit prouder
We should all sing a little bit louder
For the blessings Of Jah, our God
Trust and Obey
Come let us all praise God

Jah-a-Man, Jah-A-Man, Jah-A-Man

Feels so good inside
I wanna sing, sing, sing
There's a spring in my strides &
My grass is green
I hold my head up high &
I walk on
Without tear or fright
'Cause I'll be strong, strong, strong

Joy has touched my soul
Makes me want to cry &
It's like the touch of gold
That will lighten my sky

Said I live my life right
I don't want to do wrong
Without tears or fright
'Cause I'll be strong, strong, strong

Definitely positive vibes! Well, any help is much appreciated and if anyone happens to have a CLEAN copy of both on MP3 to forward or download, I would bow down further. Guidance.


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Postby Ron » Tue Dec 21, 2004 7:49 pm

That's Carl Dawkins alright !
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Postby informer » Wed Dec 22, 2004 8:52 am

carl dawkins, didn't he sing "Don't get weary" and the wonderful
"I'm aware of love" ????
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