Xmas OJ36 45's verdict

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Xmas OJ36 45's verdict

Postby Dadi Digi » Thu Dec 16, 2004 3:13 pm

TITLE : Revelation time
ARTIST : Wayne Smith
LABEL : Jam Rock . Not a great effort on the Heptones "Fight to the top" riddim and a crap pressing.

TITLE : Jah say
ARTIST : Super Black
LABEL : Jam Rock This is a good track but again a bad press and also on the "fight to the top" riddim.

TITLE : Bad boy
ARTIST : Al Campbell
LABEL : Dynamite. You may have heard this on his Bad Boy LP which dropped on the CSA label back in 83 I think it was. Great track, clean press.

TITLE : Put it down
ARTIST : Welton Irie
LABEL : Dynamite. Fantastic, pick it up.

TITLE : Spin yuh roll
ARTIST : Little John
LABEL : Dynamite . A welcome repress of this essential LJ kiler

TITLE : Mr dynamite
ARTIST : Bunny Lie Lie
LABEL : Midnight Rock . This is good but I do not think it is Bunny Lie Lie, the voice sounds more familiar but I cant pick it up.

TITLE : Bring the sensi come
ARTIST : Johnny Osbourne
LABEL : Midnight Rock. Great track, OK press

TITLE : Girl of my complexion
ARTIST : Echo Minott
LABEL : Midnight Rock. Killer from back in the day.

TITLE : Low the sensie man
ARTIST : Bobby Melody
LABEL : Midnight Rock . Again another BOOM from back in the day

TITLE : Love in the house
ARTIST : Errol Dunkley
LABEL : Midnight Rock . I like this one a lot. Good press

TITLE : Strictly rub a dub
ARTIST : Anthony Johnson
LABEL : Midnight Rock . Goodie goodie !!

TITLE : Jump around
ARTIST : Jah Thomas
LABEL : Midnight Rock . Absolute CRAP !

TITLE : Return of the champion
ARTIST : Luoie Lepkie
LABEL : Midnight Rock. I like Lepkie anyway, this one is good. He is talking about his return to JA after living in the UK for 2 years back in the early eighties.

TITLE : Dance inna New York
ARTIST : Super Cat
LABEL : Midnight Rock. WICKEDnesssssssssss

TITLE : Dancehall we deh
ARTIST : Sugar Minott
LABEL : Midnight Rock . **** press

TITLE : Can't buy my love
ARTIST : Johnny Osbourne
LABEL : Midnight Rock . LOVE it

TITLE : Gone are the days
ARTIST : Bunny Brown
LABEL : Mr Tipsy. Marcus Garvey riddim, nice track.

TITLE : Dem want food
ARTIST : Muziah
LABEL : Mr Tipsy. Again MG riddim, good fresh DJ

TITLE : Natty Bongo
ARTIST : Natty King
LABEL : Mr Tipsy . I love this one again on the MG riddim, wicked version on the flip side too.

TITLE : Better must come
ARTIST : Horace Andy & Yasus Afari
LABEL : Mister Tipsy . Another goodie from back in 83.

TITLE : a)Coming good looking b)Strictly Marijuana
ARTIST : a)Junior Reid & & Black Lion & Hugh Mundell b)Hugh Mundel & Junior Reid & Black Lion
LABEL : Munrock . This is CRAP, never to be spun again !

TITLE : No man is an island
ARTIST : Courtney Vibes
LABEL : Original . so so version of the Dennis classic

TITLE : All been said & done
ARTIST : Cornel Campbell
LABEL : Original . OK but thats it

TITLE : Let me be the one
ARTIST : Luciano
LABEL : Original . OK but thats it

TITLE : Another chance to praise Him
ARTIST : Jimmy Riley
LABEL : Original . Good, Jimmy always comes good on a rootical tip.

TITLE : Don' t break the trust
ARTIST : Vinny Taylor
LABEL : Original . So so

TITLE : Redda fire
ARTIST : Richie Spice
LABEL : Heights Of Heights. KILLER !!!

TITLE : Seven seas
ARTIST : Sizzla
LABEL : Heights Of Heights GOODIE !!!

TITLE : Warn dem
ARTIST : Jah Cure
LABEL : Heights Of Heights Bit dissapointing, nuttin to special.

TITLE : Conspiracy
ARTIST : Yami Bolo
LABEL : Clinch . FANTASTIC lyrik over the Satta riddim

TITLE : How long
ARTIST : Tony Tuff
LABEL : Clinch Again, MURDEE Tony Tuff, great track

TITLE : You' re breaking my heart
ARTIST : Frankie Paul
LABEL : Techniques . CRAP

TITLE : You' re my shining star
LABEL : Techniques CRAP

TITLE : I need a woman
ARTIST : Admiral Tibett
LABEL : Techniques CRAP

So there go....
"If you ride like lightning, you'll crash like thunder" (M.Buchanan)
Dadi Digi
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Postby Anonymous » Thu Dec 16, 2004 3:25 pm

That Richie Spice is the best tune out there at the moment IMO.

Redda Fire Mek It Bun, Rasta Fire Mek It Bun, Drive All The Vampires Away!



Postby tim p » Thu Dec 16, 2004 3:41 pm

Did you order these without hearing them Dadi? When I do an order fro OJ's it always takes me ages as I have to keep going to other sites for soundsamples... (so much so that it takes ages and is a real pain). Unfortunately the quality of modern releases makes this pretty much essetial. If OJ's had sound samples I'd buy everymonth - as it it I hardly bother anymore.
tim p
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Postby Dadi Digi » Thu Dec 16, 2004 3:47 pm

I generally dont listen Tim, I take the gamble. It adds to the excitment of spinning them first time however, you can get the bad with the good as is evident above.
"If you ride like lightning, you'll crash like thunder" (M.Buchanan)
Dadi Digi
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Postby BMC » Thu Dec 16, 2004 3:54 pm

I always use soundquake as the site to listen to samples and then order from Ernie. Works great. I rarely get bad tracks in anymore.

Digi, you might wanna check the Roots Tonic riddim next time. It is a wicked piece of work!
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Postby tim p » Thu Dec 16, 2004 4:04 pm

Yep BMC - Soundquake, don't forget Selectors Choice too between those two you'll get nearly everything but the very very recent.
tim p
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Postby jb welda » Thu Dec 16, 2004 5:22 pm

mr dynamite is always credited to bunnie lie lie everywhere i have it.

al campbell: bad boy, would that be one beer bad boy?

too bad about that munrock one, most everything ive gotten repress on 7" from them has been unplayable on my set. same with a lot of techniques repress (if not all).

nice scores overall though.

one love
jah bill
jb welda
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Postby dots69 » Thu Dec 16, 2004 11:04 pm

Tim : You do know that OJ carry sound samples for new riddims in the 'Juggling' section yeh ? its just that they have'nt updated it in nearly three months for some unknown reason, which likewise meant i too had to rely on Soundquake or Selectors Choice for samples.

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Postby BMC » Fri Dec 17, 2004 12:46 am

Yeah, that juggling section of OJ was really nice, but the latest on there is Kasablance riddim for months already. :(

Hope they will start adding new mixes soon again.
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