This Is Trojan Dub

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This Is Trojan Dub

Postby BeePIe2 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:25 pm ... B07BSWNB7Z

I've just been through the "This Is Trojan Dub" 2xCD release and, like other recent albums from them, the loudness war appears to be in retreat. Lovely.

1.05 Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - I Shave The Barber
Wrong Track. No Ali Baba, it's "I See Your Face Version" (John Holt vocal). Both are on the Pressure Sounds "Pleasure Dub" CD.

1.06 Scientist - Blood Dunza Dub
"Dunza Dub" on the LP "The Agrovators: Kaya Dub" [1978] credits the mixing to Prince Jammy.

1.08 Sly & The Revolutionaries - L.S.D.
Finally, I bump into the 10th track from "Black Ash Dub", the first Trojan Dub Box Set was released 1998, so I've waited a while :)

1.13 The Upsetters - Roots Train Dub
aka "Version Train".

1.19 Prince Jammy - Forward Home Dub
aka "The Revolutionaries - Dubbing Storm" from the LP "Crueshal Dub" [1978] & "The Revolutionaries - Storm And Lighting" on "Rockers Almighty Dub" [Clocktower, 1979].

1.20 The Roots Radics - Opposition Dub
aka "Scientist & The Roots Radics - King Tubby's Rude Boy Dub" if you prefer your titles in a Rhino style :) 7ish seconds of the intro effect are missing.

1.02 The Techniques All Stars - Stalag 17
I have it as "Stalag 17 Version". Anyway, it's the dub of the organ cut.

2.08 Witty's All Stars - Won't You Come Home Dub
Can anyone help with this one?
On this release it's "Witty's All Stars - Won't You Come Home Dub", prod. Linval Thompson, 1979.
Same title on Trojan CD "Flashing Echo: Trojan In Dub 1970-1980".
"Trojan: Foundation Dub" CD has it titled as "Witty Reid's All Stars - Sarah Dub".
No vocal. It's not on the "Won't You Come Home" riddim. Presumably the producer is Wilfred "Witty" Reid, not Linval. Anybody know the vocal? original release?

2.11 The Observers - Zinc Fence
The "Watch it. One. Two." intro is missing.

The sleevenotes are cursory and while the picture captioned Scientist clearly isn't him (it's the cover art to "Scientist And Jammy Strike Back!") the photograph labelled "King Tubby" is the dreadlocked chap from the cover of "Shalom Dub", ... se/1239431

It's a nice sounding release & hopefully somebody out there will end up with it the way I did "Dub Chill Out" in '96 and discover a whole new world of music. Given that earlier releases in this Trojan 50th celebration are on the shelf in Sainsburys supermarket there seems a fair chance :)

Cheers all, B.
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Re: This Is Trojan Dub

Postby Novice » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:36 pm

I got that Dub Chill Out album too, dodgy as an assf*cker sellin' butt-plugs but it has some great tunes on it, mislabeled to hell. Got most of those Trojan dub sets but maybe it's just me but 3 cds worth of dubs is just to many to properly digest and it gets monotonous unless the rhythms are really outstanding or you're just a hopeless dubhead.

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Re: This Is Trojan Dub

Postby BeePIe2 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:05 pm

I missed one,

2.13 The Upsetters - Tedious Dub
I think this is the same mix as the one on "Junior Murvin: Police And Thieves - Deluxe Edition" [Island] faded out a minute early.

Hi Novice. I suspect I may be a hopeless dubhead ;)

I can't remember the last time I listened to an album through though, let alone a compilation. I rip the tracks, sort out the tags, work out which of the tracks releases I have is the nicest and 1 star the rest. Filter collection by artist or producer or genre and then random play all 3-5 star tracks for background music. The majority of my listening though is sat in front of the computer trying to work out riddims or correct titles or original release info.

With so many reggae albums being compilations of singles (ignoring various artist compilations like the above) do any have any merit as albums to listen through in printed track order? I assume a Pink Floyd fan, for example, would listen to The Wall or Dark Side Of The Moon all of the way through but do reggae fans do the same? Anybody got any shout outs for albums that are great albums rather than a collection of great songs that could be played in any order?

Max Romeo - War Inna Babylon perhaps? I remember playing that one through end to end on cassette many years ago but that had more to do with the limitations of the format I suspect.

Perhaps as a CD (digital file really) listener the experience is too different to people who grew up with LP's. I tried the vinyl thing a few years ago but the cost, storage requirements and faff put me off. Cost mostly.

[just to put the duplicates thing into some context. I have 45208 tracks falling under the umbrella of reggae (bluebeat, ska through UK Steppas, etc). Remove all 1 starred duplicates and there are 23141. Which still includes 2 star tracks many of which are duplicates with different mastering, fade out points, etc. Random play does not need Israelites on the list 7x for example and I'm sure there are tracks I've hit a dozen copies of if I could only remember their names.]

Cheers all, B.
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Re: This Is Trojan Dub

Postby Novice » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:20 pm

Gregory Isaacs Extra Classic I think can be listened to in order. Might be a Burning Spear here or there that might qualify.

I like your meticulous style but one thing that always got me was people's insistence that this "mix" or that mix is different so it's worth checking and most of the time it seems either minimal or not really that significant for the average listener. I guess if you're a producer or an engineer it might be of academic interest but short of changing the vibe a "new mix" is not going to sway me one way or another and I have trouble believing half the people who might make claims that it really changes their enjoyment that much. One rhythm albums, even one's with great rhythms eventually get old after a while so I can only imagine what the same SONG with a different "mix" would be like.

The computer is an underrated place to listen to music especially with the ease of switching tunes and genres, etc. The car happens to be one of my favorite places to listen to music though you are limited there unless you got one of those fancy new cars where you can hook up your bollocks and listen to your testes if you got the right cable.

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Re: This Is Trojan Dub

Postby Walker » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:41 am

I greatly enjoy the ability to play a large number of tracks at random, never knowing what's coming next, and have almost got out of the habit of listening to albums all the way through.

However one album that never grows old is the first by Burning Spear on Studio One - 'Presenting..' on some issues. Soulful, emotional, ecstatic.. I could go on.

And I have just discovered Freddie McKay's Picture On The Wall album reissue. Some great songs, Freddie's singing is lovely, and the band are *so* tight and restrained.

King Tubby Meets The Upsetter At The Grass Roots Of Dub, too, and Miles Davis' In A Silent Way.

The Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed would be in the list, were it not for that eff-awful cover of Love In Vain.

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