What Day Is It?

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What Day Is It?

Postby Peacemakeya » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:19 pm

African Proverb

A wise man never knows all; only a fool knows everything


Native Indian Proverb

If you ain't laughin; you dying

A man attends an inter-faith religious gathering. A Christian preacher comes up to him, puts his hands on his head and says: "son have faith and you will walk again." The man thinks "this is B.S.- there's nothing wrong with my health and the stupid preacher has mistaken me for someone else." Then a Buddhist monk comes up the man and says the same thing: "son have faith and you will walk again," and the man thinks "this is a wack gathering full of fraud church people," and then right away the same thing happens with a Jewish rabbi, a Hindu Swami and a Muslim Iman. The man says to himself "I'm out of here" and when he gets outside to the parking lot he sees his car has been stolen and he thinks "Aha! ... I will be walking again."
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