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Snoop Lion

Postby Peacemakeya » Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:37 pm

Anyone see that Snoop Lion go to Jamaica film doc 'Reincarnation' ? ... Man it was hard to watch in places ... but IMO worth it ... it's like a reggae (or whatever) Cheech and Chong on steroids but provide plenty insights thru neggy & positive example ... there is a priceless scene in the film that make the whole effort worthwhile ... when Snoop visit Alpha Boys School ... that wonderful institution where plenty a suffrah yute been nurtured and nuff reggae pioneer started their music education

Bunny Wailer cried foul after it's release but pon viewing it my sympathies is with Snoop. Yea Snoop stoned goofy throughout but he is kind hearted & well intentioned ... can't say that about the brother who sang the profound classic: "Bright Soul bright soul u reach the river Jordan and u turn back now" ... How come u yourself turn back brethren?

the time they bottled u off the Sting Stage new years 1990 and it was Yabby You ya run to for help ... but u would not listen to Yabby's counsel about 'men made religion is the first sign of mental illness' and look at u self now ... u vex with Snoop but who the lead jester in that circus film?

where theres's life there's hope brethren - & is never to late to stop, look, listen & clean up thyself ... the ily bibby teach 'there is no remission of duttyness but thru fasting & prayer' ... all them Prophet of Old use fi go up in the mountain fi fast & pray ... seem that trodition forgotten in these times ... how bout try fast off the ishence too? ... it's a powerful plant medicine when used in it's proper prescription, dosage & breed ... but nuff idrens loose them sense of proportion and smoke for inebriation ... if u have anxiety issue & anger management problem it benefit no one fi soff-out & rely pon crutch but better fi get fi da heart of u problem & fulfill this Planet Urt curriculum ... ily bibby teach: 'All a u fallen short of the Glory of the Iyah1 - all a u like sheep who forgot the voice of the shepherd - them who ovahcome will find everlivin life' ... ya nah see it ... none a we have power ... what we have is responsibility ... Try hard idrens
One time (circa late 70's) 3 feisty Rasta yute corner Yabby You in the ghetto with aggressive argument and implied violence: "Ya nah see it Yabby You - Bob Marley fill up football stadium all round the wurld now ... Rasta gone clear! Jamaica pon top now!" And Yabby replied: "Yute ya know not wha ya a say ... wi Jamaicans are a cursed people ... our ancestors were torn off our African roots ... wi was grinded thru 400 year a slavery and now in this time the yute of tomorrow a grinded between the hypocrite churches and the hypocrite Rasta ... what hope do the yute of tomorrow have?"

the yute lost their tongue and could not reply and time reveal that Yabby was prescient. Amongst all the nations (who are not in the middle of declared wars) Jamaican has the 4th highest murder rate on the planet. On a small island of only 2 1/2+ million there are over 5000 missing children. Time short now so time fi get real ... The mental illness of men-made religion nevah help nuttin

None a wi see the whole picture (1 Corinthians 13:12) and there are good amongst all this Urt's faith traditions and there are good hearted individual Rastas (Yabby You always kept some Ras idrens)... and, regardless the inevitable human confusions that always creep in during this dispensation, there are individual good hearted Buddhist, Catholic, Jew, Indigenous, Muslim, Jain, Hindu, Sikh ... Black, White, Tan & Red - so it ain't any1 claim say their way is the only way ... is about the integrity of intention ... Go deh in thankfulness for the Iyah1 say 'mi yoke is easy & mi burden is light'
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