Roy Cousins Presents Kings And Queens Of Dub [TWCD1017]

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Roy Cousins Presents Kings And Queens Of Dub [TWCD1017]

Postby BeePIe2 » Fri Aug 05, 2016 8:45 pm

Roy Cousins release on Tamoki-Wambesi-Dove,

"VA - Roy Cousins Presents Kings And Queens Of Dub" [TWCD1017]

18 track dub CD.

01: Hail Him

.... Riddim "God Bless The Child"? (eg Charlie Chaplin - What Kind Of World). Vocal.

02: Queen Sheba

.... Riddim "Facts Of Life". No vocal.
.... "The Royals - Dubbing With The Royals" CD (Pressure Sounds) as "Waizero (Facts Of Life - The Royals)".

03: The Lion Of Judah
= E.R.S. - Foolish Heart - Part II

.... Riddim "Find Yourself A Fool". Version of "Go Find Yourself A Fool" Winston Francis. Vocal.
.... "Winston Francis - Just Once" 16 track CD as "Winston Francis - Foolish Heart - Part II E.R.S.".

04: Rise With The King

.... Riddim "Movie Star". No vocal.

05: Ruler Of The Universe

.... Version of "Don't Cry On My Shoulder" Winston Francis. No vocal.

06: All The High Priests Give Praises
= E.R.S. - Memories Of Ben (3/4/1981 - 16/4/1997)

.... Version of "Just Once" Winston Francis. Vocal.
.... "Winston Francis - Just Once" 16 track CD as "Winston Francis - Memories Of Ben 3.4.81 - 16.4.97 E.R.S.".

07: Chant And Give Praises

.... Version of "Cool Meditation" Pablove Black. No vocal.

08: Jah Kingdom Live Forever

.... Riddim "Mother In Law". Version of "Turning Point" Peter & Paul Lewis. Vocal.

09: Ruler Of The Nation

.... Riddim "Testify". No vocal.

10: Black Prince And Princesses

.... Version of "All Around Me" Derrick Pitter. No vocal.

11: Take Off Your Shoes Before You Enter

.... Riddim "Play Mr. Music Play"? (Derrick Pitter). No vocal.

12: The Wrong Side Of The Baldhead, The Right Side Of The Dread

.... Riddim "Naw Leave Me Chalwa". Version of "The Way I'm Feeling Now" Peter & Paul Lewis. Vocal.

13: Kingdom Rise And Fall
= E.R.S. - Rasses Calling

.... Riddim "One Love To Give". Version of "Calling All The Rasses" Knowledge. Vocal.
.... "Knowledge - Rasta Don't Take Bribe" 20 track CD as "Rasses Calling - Knowledge - E.R.S.".

14: Blessing For The Faithful

.... Riddim "Promise To Be True". Version of "Promise To Be True" Don Carlos & Gold. Vocal.

15: Mau-Mau Uprising

.... Version of "Peculiar Man" The Gaylads. Vocal.

16: King David Experience

.... Version of "Let's Go To Zion" Winston Francis. Vocal.

17: Humble And Be Bless

.... Version of "Unity" The Meditations. Vocal.

18: Spirit Of Love And Life

.... Version of "Love Is Gone" The Gaylads. Vocal.

Album artist? The Roots Radics as a catch all.

This thread for links to these album posts...

Roy Cousins Riddim List...
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