King Tubby's Balmagie Jam Rock (DOVE010CD)

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King Tubby's Balmagie Jam Rock (DOVE010CD)

Postby BeePIe2 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:56 am

Roy Cousins release on Dove,

"King Tubby's Balmagie Jam Rock" (DOVE010CD)

16 track dub CD.

01: King Tubby's - The Roots Prophet And The Mix

.... Riddim "Pick Up The Pieces" (II). Version of "Fashion Monkey" I Roy. Vocal.

02: King Tubby's - Water House Road Block

.... Version of "Ethiopians Going Home" Baba (Zimbabwe) Dread. Vocal.
.... "Megabit 25, 1922 - Dub: Prince Far I" CD as "Itchege".

03: King Tubby's - Balmagie Jam Rock

.... Riddim "I Shen Galore". No vocal.

04: King Tubby's - From Channel 1 To King Tubby's Studio

.... Riddim "Your Feeling And Mine". Version of "Thriller" Vin Gordon. No vocal. Trombone cut dub. Vocal ~1m22s.
.... "Megabit 25, 1922 - Dub: Prince Far I" CD as "Kebra Nagast".
.... note: the regular instrumental cut of Vin Gordon "Thriller" is on the Enos McLeod released "Augustus Pablo - The Original Thriller" aka "Augustus Pablo - Dubbing In A Africa".

05: King Tubby's - Cerfew In Tower Hill

.... Riddim "Piece Of The Action". Version of "Earthman Connection" Baba (Zimbabwe) Dread. Vocal.

06: King Tubby's - Pen Wood Road Gang War

.... Riddim "May Be For Long". No vocal.

07: King Tubby's - Valrie Crown The King

.... Riddim "Rocking Vibration". No vocal.

08: King Tubby's - Saturday Dub Cut Only

.... Riddim "Familiar Music". Version of "Familiar Music" The Royals. Vocal.

09: King Tubby's - Gully Bank Dub Session

.... Riddim "When You Are Wrong". Version of "Dread So Attractive" Baba (Zimbabwe) Dread. Vocal.

10: King Tubby's - Rewind And Mix

.... Riddim "My Sweet Lady"?. No vocal. (Derrick Pitter).

11: King Tubby's - Dub Plate Rule

.... Riddim "Jah Children". Version of "Jah Children" The Kingstonians. Vocal.

12: King Tubby's - Dedicated To Lucky And Pug

.... Riddim "Free Speech And Movement". Version of "Free Speech And Movement" The Royals. No vocal (buried).

13: King Tubby's - 24-KT88 Of Power
= ???

.... Riddim "Why Did You Leave Me". No vocal. Bunny Lee?
.... note: rhythm as per Trinity "Why Did You Leave" on "Dreadlocks Satisfaction" LP.

14: King Tubby's - Respect To Carl I Kelly

.... Riddim "Time Will Tell". No vocal.

15: King Tubby's - Dedicated To Ervin
= The Revolutionaries - Ten To One Dub

.... Riddim "Ten To One". No vocal.
.... "The Revolutionaries - Crueshal Dub" produced by Ossie Hibbert, 1978. (Evolution Of Dub Box Set Vol. 5).
.... "Niney The Observer Presents Soul Syndicate Dub Classics" CD (Jamaican Recordings) as "Soul Syndicate - Dub Chapter".
.... "VA - 30 Years Of Dub Music On The Go" CD (Rhino) as "King Jammy - Ten To One Dub".
.... "Dub" CD (Metro Select METRSL050) as "Prince Jammy - Ten To One Dub".
.... "Observer Dub Catalog Vol. 12: Daybreak Dub" as "Zero Dub".
.... "Rockers Almighty Dub" LP (Clocktower) as "Ten Pieces In One".

16: King Tubby's - Pigin Gang Merder In Tower Hill
= King Tubby's - Graceful Dub

.... Riddim "Miss Grace"?. No vocal. As Delroy Wilson for Bunny Lee.
.... "VA - King Of Dub" LP (Clocktower) as "King Tubby - Graceful Dub".
.... "VA - 30 Years Of Dub Music On The Go" CD (Rhino) as "King Tubbys - Graceful Dub".
.... "Scientist - The People's Choice Dub" CD 7/21 as "Scientist - Jah Love Muzik - The Culture Sound".

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