Scientist - Repatriation Dub (TWCD1058)

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Scientist - Repatriation Dub (TWCD1058)

Postby BeePIe2 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 6:09 pm

Roy Cousins release on Tamoki-Wambesi-Dove,

"Scientist - Repatriation Dub" (TWCD1058)

20 track dub CD. (NOT the 12 track Tamoki Wambesi TWCD1058).

01: Scientist - Jah Children

.... Riddim "One Love To Give". Version of "Calling All The Rasses" Knowledge. Vocal.

02: Scientist - Heal The Nation - The Royals

.... same riddim as "Export Ganga" Prince Hammer. Vocal, not Prince Hammer.

03: Scientist - Zion Dub

.... Riddim "Promise To Be True". No vocal. Car engine intro. (otherwise this is "Jah Love Of Twelve Tribe" from the LP "Scientist - The People's Choice" [Kingdom Records KVL 9014, 1983]).

04: Scientist - Full House Dub
= Knowledge - Full House Dub

.... Riddim "Mother In Law". Version of "Movement Of Jah People" Knowledge. Vocal.

05: Scientist - Warning Dub
= Sylvan Morris - Miss 'P' Dub

.... Riddim "Hey Girl". Version of "Hey Girl" Earl Sixteen. Vocal.
.... "VA - Nexus Dub" CD as "Sylvan Morris - Miss 'P' Dub (1978)".

06: Scientist - Sailing Dub - Prince Far I

.... Riddim "I Believe"? (Winston Francis). Prince Far I vocal samples.

07: Scientist - Meet The People Dub
= Scientist - Never Run Away Version

.... Riddim "Never Run Away". Version of "Never Run Away" Don Carlos & Gold. Vocal.
.... "Prison Oval Clash: Don Carlos Vs Earl Cunningham" CD as "(Never Run Away) Version".

08: Scientist - In The Dance Dub (~3:29)
= The Roots Radics - Daylight Version

.... Riddim "Who Done It". Version of "Oh Happy Day" Junior Reid. Vocal.
.... "Junior Reid & Cornell Campbell - Double Top" CD as "Junior Reid - Daylight Version" (~4:57).
.... "Junior Reid & Teezy - Two Of A Kind" LP as "Junior Reid - Daylight Version" (~5:05).

09: Scientist - Sugar Cane Man Dub
= Knowledge - Sugar Cane Man Dub

.... Riddim "Naw Leave Me Chalwa". Version of "One Way To Zion" Knowledge feat. Charlie Chaplin. Vocal, Knowledge only.

10: Scientist - Back To Wall Dub
= Scientist - Loving Dub

.... Riddim "Love And Understanding". No vocal. Dips to silence at ~0m56s.
.... "Junior Reid & Cornell Campbell - Double Top" CD as "Cornell Campbell - Loving Dub".

11: Scientist - Stick Herb Dub
= Scientist - What Kind Of Woman Version

.... Riddim "What Kind Of Woman". No vocal.
.... "Prison Oval Clash: Don Carlos Vs Earl Cunningham" CD as ?, track 14 of 13.

12: Scientist - 101 Granby Street, Liverpool 8 - Charlie Chaplin
= E.R.S. - David 'Prince' Mohammed

.... Riddim "I Am In Love". Version of "What's A Yardie" Prince Hammer. Vocal. No flute.
.... "Prince Hammer - Sensimilla Island" CD as "E.R.S. - David 'Prince' Mohammed".

13: Scientist - Zachariah Dub

.... riddim? Charlie Chaplin vocals from "Naw Leave Me Chalwa".

14: Scientist - The Hermit
= Knowledge - The Hermit

.... Riddim "Declaration Of Rights". Version of "Fetha-Nagast" Knowledge. Vocal.

15: Scientist - 58 Picton Road, Liverpool 15

.... Riddim "When Will I Get Pay" (so far). Vocal. (riddim as per Earl 16).

16: Scientist - Gloria 'Mama Do It' Mahadio, Kingston 11, Jamaica

.... riddim? Vocal.

17: Scientist - Zinc Fence Dub

.... Riddim "Love Won't Come Easy". Version of "All That I Can See" Earl Sixteen. Vocal.

18: Scientist - Count Raja The Joker
= The Professor - Feel Good

.... Version of "I.N.R.I." The Gaylads. Vocal.
.... "Scientist v The Professor - Dub Duel At King Tubby's" LP (Kingdom) as "The Professor - Feel Good".

19: Scientist - Welsh Man Dub - Baba Dread

.... riddim? Vocal. Baba Dread vocals from "Ladder Of Progress".

20: Scientist - 2 Fenbrook Avenue, Marverley, Jamaica
= Knowledge - 2 Fenbrook Avenue, Marverley, Jamaica

.... Riddim "Ten Thousand Lions". Version of "Move Stumbling Block" Knowledge. Vocal. DJ intro.

It'd probably be simplest to credit most of this to E.R.S. so as not to imply too much Scientist involvement ;)
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