The Force Of Music - Freedom Fighters Dub (TWCD1051)

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The Force Of Music - Freedom Fighters Dub (TWCD1051)

Postby BeePIe2 » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:28 am

Roy Cousins CD release on Tamoki Wambesi Dove,

"The Force Of Music - Freedom Fighters Dub" (TWCD1051)

10 dub tracks. This release IS a match with the 1978 LP on Ballistic.

01: The Force Of Music - Blood For Freedom Dub

.... Riddim "My Sweat Turns To Blood". No vocal.
.... "VA - Nexus Dub" CD as "Ernest Hoo-Kim - Dub Sweat (1969)".

02: The Force Of Music - Free Namibia Dub

.... Version of "Freedom Fighters" The Royals. No vocal.
.... "VA - Ballistic 2nd Assault" LP as "Force Of Music - Free Nambia Dub".
.... "VA - Nexus Dub" CD as "Ernest Hoo-Kim - Freedom Fighters Dub (1974)".

03: The Force Of Music - Black Prince And Princess Dub

.... Riddim "When You Are Wrong". No vocal.
.... "Dubbing With The Royals" CD (Pressure Sounds) as "Dub The Wrong (When You Are Wrong - The

04: The Force Of Music - Quake Heart Dub

.... Version of "Jah Jah Knows" The Royals. No vocal.
.... "Dubbing With The Royals" CD (Pressure Sounds) as "Wigwam (Blacker Black - The Royals)".

05: The Force Of Music - Pieces Of Dub

.... Riddim "Pick Up The Pieces" (II). Version of "Pick Up The Pieces" The Royals. No vocal. Not the
much versioned Studio One riddim but the Roy Cousins produced one.

06: The Force Of Music - Smoke Pipe Dub

.... Riddim "Blacker Black". No vocal.

07: The Force Of Music - Pagan Front Dub

.... Riddim "Make Believe". No vocal.

08: The Force Of Music - Tribute To Lloyd Coxone In Dub

.... Riddim "Free Speech And Movement". Version of "Free Speech And Movement" The Royals. No vocal

09: The Force Of Music - Fresh Cow Milk Dub

.... Riddim "Promised Land". No vocal.
.... "Dubbing With The Royals" CD (Pressure Sounds) as "Land of Milk & Honey (Promised Land - The

10: The Force Of Music - Meet The People Dub

.... Version of "Stand And Give Praises" The Royals. No vocal.

A nice, steady away dub album. Mixed by Ernest Hoo Kim & Scientist? Possibly!
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