Alpheus - Good Prevails (Liquidator)

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Alpheus - Good Prevails (Liquidator)

Postby BMC » Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:25 am

Saw it being mentioned in one or two threads, but thought it deserved a topic on its own!

The new album by Alpheus, where he teams up again with the great Roberto Sanchez and the Lone Ark Riddim Force is out for some time now and slowly but surely becoming more widely available. Got my vinyl copy this week and LOVE it! If you rated their From Creation set from a few years back, you'll rate this too. Similar vibe, rocksteady - early reggae style riddims with Alpheus' excellent soulful vocals on top. Musically excellent too (as usual from the Lone Ark Riddim Force) and great production; highly recommended if you're into (as the LP itself describes it) "14 Pearls of Jamaican Soul". Combination of relicks of old riddims (Phil Pratt, Studio One etc.) and new compositions.

Out on Liquidator label, check it! 8)
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Re: Alpheus - Good Prevails (Liquidator)

Postby i M@N » Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:21 pm

indeed BMC, Alpheus - Good Prevails feat Roberto Sánchez & Lone Ark Riddim Force is another fantastic A-Lone Production.

This is an instant classic album, to short is the only thing i could blame about this one!

Good Prevails wrote:"At the end of the day good will prevail
The words of truth could never fail
Live good tody and always
Live good today yeah
Evil belives they won the day
But time will tell true good leads the way"
i M@N

Re: Alpheus - Good Prevails (Liquidator)

Postby Reggie Love » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:33 am

Yes, you've prompted me to put in an order for this, I'd been meaning to anyway.

Also ordered Raging Fyah's second album, was very impressed with their first set.
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