The Heavy, Heavy Monster Sounds Of Reggae

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The Heavy, Heavy Monster Sounds Of Reggae

Postby Maarty » Mon Dec 13, 2004 7:15 pm

This will be a pure Roots session, all night long, and like it
says...Music Lovers Only!!!......


An All Nations Dance,

The Authentic Monster Sound of Ja & Uk Roots & Lovers

Dj Danny Lemon's (Roots Foundation)
Dj Manray (Vital Sounds)
plus Duke Willis and guests bring
you a very special Xmas party.

Playing HAPPY - DEC, SAT, 18TH.

With the heaviest heavyweight soundsystem HAPPY'S ever seen. Yes top
soundman Andy Craig (Western Audio) will be squeezing in a huge rig for this strictly limit Xmas bash. BRINGING YOU WHAT YOU NEED!!!

(so get in early! Tickets available from REAL GROOVY, WTGN).

Support these cats because they support us
Eva Dixon's cafes
Havana Coffee Works
Soul Jazz Records
Real Groovy

See poster here

Respect to you all.

PS, Top tens to follow. Stay tuned :D

Postby Professor Mushtaq » Mon Dec 13, 2004 8:50 pm

Wish I was there maarty but I'll be lying on the lilo till I'm lobster red down at Rosedale on my Christmas hols. How big's the rig then?
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Professor Mushtaq
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Postby giab » Mon Dec 13, 2004 9:25 pm

"How big's the rig then?"
& more importantly, what do the syndrum samples sound like on it ?
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Postby Professor Mushtaq » Mon Dec 13, 2004 9:52 pm

peoow, peow, poomp!
Lawless Street - The finest in Reggae, Ska & Dub. 2RRR 88.5fm Thursday 4 - 6pm
Professor Mushtaq
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Postby Chris » Mon Dec 13, 2004 11:16 pm

Sounds like fun
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Postby Maarty » Tue Dec 14, 2004 5:49 am

Here's some more info for the Monster Sounds gig plus some track lists for those of you who have asked.
Press Release:

An overdue collaboration between former Roots Foundation Sound System
originator and dj, Danny Lemon, and Vital Sounds coordinator Marty Holl aka
Manray, will be presented this weekend, Saturday 18th December, at Bar Happy
in Wellington, New Zealand.

Support for the night will be provided by Duke Willis.

Tickets for the night on selling fast at Real Groovy....strictly limited
presales and doorsales.


Dj Danny Lemon says: I've been wanting to do a night with Manray from Vital
Sounds for a while....our collections compliment each other well. Its also
a treat to have Duke Willis on board, back from the UK where he's been
spending most of his time at Peckings reggae shop in Shepards Bush!!

" This will be reminicent of the All Night Powerhouse night I did 12 years
ago, that preceded the formation of Roots Foundation..Andy Craig at Western
Audio did the Sound for that too...I know he's excited about it.... If
anyone knows the true Reggae Sound thats needed its Andy.. its going to be a
real treat for anyone who manages to get a ticket.....

" The emphasis on the night will be on working together to showcase the
incredible vocal and instrumental artistry evident in reggae productions,
music that has had so much influence on other contempory music we listen to
today. Many of the tunes being played on the night are only ever heard in a
Sound System environment, built to shake down the foundations!!!

" Wellington and New Zealand has a strong tradition of supporting Reggae
music....this is a place where music of this depth is truly supported..We're
convinced that whoever makes it down on this night will enjoy an authentic
selection of the highest quality in an intimate music environment set up for
listening and feeling the Roots Vibe as it's supposed to be. Remember..these
tunes are built and produced forSound not be afraid!!!

" This is a night for both the initiated and uninitiated Reggae fan....why
not start at the deep end!!!? It's going to be an unforgettable Mash Up!!!!
We've got what you want for Christmas!!!"


SAMPLE TRACKLISTING - a selection of some of the tunes we will have on hand on the night!!!

Forward Down A Channel One - African Youth - Ver,
Guiding Star - Ben Boo - Roots Improvement,
Derrick Lenroy - Stop Them - Admiral International
Cornell Campbell - The Investigator - Third World
Mash Down Babylon - Jackie Mittoo - Stine Jac
Roman Stewart - Babylon/Nattie Grove - Forward Recording
Party Night - African Brothers- Love & Inity,
What A Shame - Still Cool -Field Marshall,
A So We Stay - Jah Woosh - Collette
Ika black & The National Cry - Human Life - I-One-I
Warrior - Junior Delgado & Ras Bug - DEB
The Immortals - Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Yard Music
Dreadlock Affair - Jah Woosh - Love and Inity
Ranking Joe & The Steppers - The Hotter Claps Clap Them - Greensleeves
Five Man Army- Dillinger, Trinity, Al Cambell,Wayne Wade and Junior Tamlin - Oak Sound
Movin Out/Dance With Me - Tommy McCook - Clocktower
War All Over- KC White- Niagara
Rootsman - Mikey Dread and Future Wind -Future Wind
Still Cool - To Be Poor Is A Crime - Jah Shaka
Nation Fiddler - Makka Bees- Congo
Sufferers Child- Delroy Denton - High Note
Homeguard take Over- Brigadier Jerry - Isis
Fred Locks - Black Star Line - Jahmikmusik
Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall - Cha Cha
Greedy Girl - Prince Huntly- Greedy Puppy
Pat Kelly - It's A Good Day - Ossie & Koos
Sinners Repent - Johnny Clark - lees
Linval Thompson/Jah Slew - Jah Guiding Star - Clocktower
IMF - Trammie and Marquis - Germain Revolutionary Sounds
Jah Golden Pen - Silford Walker - Joe Gibbs
Long time - Winston Fergus - Trojan
Good to Be There- Regals - Sounds Unlimited

Postby j j » Mon Dec 20, 2004 5:03 am

Many thanks guys , for an excellent night. Great tunes, crowd etcWish it could of gone longer but 4 am ain't bad.
Any chance you can post what each of you played as there were alot of tunes i'd never heard before.

j j
j j
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Postby Maarty » Mon Dec 20, 2004 6:14 am

Thanks for that jj :D

Was great to see you there. We had an excellent night. And luckily noise control didn't return. Yes, it was a true Monster, Monster Sound. Noise control turned up at midnight. but once we closed a couple of doors everyone seemed to be happy. The whole place was shaking with that bass.

A few peeps from work came along, most of them had been to reggae gigs before, but they couldn't believe the bass pressure. They said that the sound just hit, shaking up their insides. One girl said she she thought her heart was being pushed around - all in a good way of course 8) .

As for tracks a lot of the tracks listed above were dropped on the night.

Thanks again to Giab for the syndrums samples. They worked a treat. Some of the night was recorded. So should have something to pass on to you.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a cool night.

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