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Don Goliath interview by

Postby Sir Larsie I » Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:53 pm

A Don Goliath interview has been published on the famous german Dubblog: . Non-germans should babelfish the page ;)
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Re: Don Goliath interview by

Postby dubroom » Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:35 pm

Page not found?
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Re: Don Goliath interview by

Postby Sir Larsie I » Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:42 pm

dubroom wrote:Page not found?

yea sorry for that the guy told me they r currently having server probs on his site but it ll hopefully b back up soon and i ll upd8 the link then. in the meantime i also decided to add an FAQ section to my website now, in which a few of his questions get answered as well. here they r:

Q: Why are there so few photos of you on the web, are you that ugly?
Don: Hell no, I look like a symbiosis of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise ;), I just don't really like photos of me (taken).

Q: Would you classify your Rootsstep music as Dubstep?
Don: Not at all. First of "Dubstep" has become such a vague term since there are so many, totally differently sounding, sub genres of it around these days. My Rootsstep sounds nothing like any of em. The only thing my Rootsstep has in common with Dubstep is that I use digital timbres for my bassline sounds, but who doesn't do that, unless you are into acoustic music ;). All the other elements of my Rootsstep are Reggae related so I'd definitly classify my Rootsstep as Roots music indeed.

Q: Are you a Rastafarian?
Don: Not really. I believe in god and treating people decently though. So when I am voicing my riddims I refer to god as either Jah or Selassie depending on which of the two terms will fit best into the lyrical pattern I am working on.

Q: Don't you think you produce/release too much music, with your discography being longer than an anaconda?
Don: In our digital world with thousands of badly produced tunes being released every week I see the need for quality music to stand against that flood. No disrespect to upcoming producers though, in my Dubstep days I released music I now think wasn't worth releasing since it isn't mixed well hence I wasn't ready but from the start of my Rootsstep productions I am on the level as every tune sounds really good. This being said I think there can never be too much _quality_ music.

Q: What is it with the autotuneophobia amongst Roots producers? Do you endorse that?
Don: Nope. I never understood how one can categorically exclude such an IMO great tool for pitch correction. I think it's all about how radically one uses it, too much of it may surely give an unwanted sound to vocals in Roots productions but I would never want to miss this tool, especially since some singers I produced would definitly sound horrible without any pitch correction, and that includes myself ;).

i ll add/answer more questions on my website,, as they might come in.


Sir Larsie I
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